MLB Update:Padres Sign Shields, Was I Wrong About This Team?

The Padres just signed former Royals star pitcher James Shields.  I have been so stupid not to notice that the Padres are majorly rebuilding, and were ever since they lost Chase Headley, when I first thought they were going to be screwed.  James Shields can join already Padre players Ian Kennedy, Brandon Morrow, Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross in the starting rotation.  However, batting skills may be a weakness in Shields after being in the American League, moving to the National League.  However, the Padres have new lineup additions too to make up for Headley and make themselves even better.  They already had Yangervis Solarte and Derek Norris in the lineup.  They already had a decent lineup.  But with three monster free agents in the Padres outfield, they get good.  Guess who took Justin Upton from the rebuilding Braves?  San Diego of course.  What about the Rays Wil Myers?  Also the Padres.  Not to mention the Dodgers Matt Kemp, the Dodgers I predicted to have more wins then the Padres had losses, by only one.  99 Los Angeles wins, 98 Padres losses.  But that prediction may no stand now.  Those three outfielders and James Shields on a decent 2014 team?  That may make my predictions change greatly.  They could have 75 wins, even more, and pass the Rockies.  If the Mets have a slight playoff chance, San Diego would have one, although I thought the Mets would be better.  The point is, I didn’t think about all these free agency pickups when I made my record projection for the Padres.

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