Rajon Rondo Traded To Mavericks

The Celtics Rajon Rondo was traded to the Mavericks. He did well in is first game there, but many other players miss him. The Celtics don’t have anybody from their 2008 starting lineup still on the team. Unless they can stockpile top draft picks and charge in the future, the Celtics won’t shine again for a few more years without Rondo. A few months ago when Smart was injured I went to my first Celtics game against the Trail Blazers, seeing practice, and getting sky box seats while enjoying a gluten free burger, fries, and Sprite. The Celts lead all the way through till the fourth quarter, as this was becoming the Celtics way of losing, the Trail Blazers comeback to win. However, that was a good Portland team, with Damian Lillard the best of them. How long will it take for a lowly Celtics group to rebuild?

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