NFL Week 16 Picks

It’s a very important football week. Some people like me made fantasy super bowls, and many teams are fighting for a playoff spot. Both of those things could use picks, to set lineups and see what the playoffs will look like. Try calculating it for yourself with my picks or entering them into the ESPN Playoff Machine. I know it’s a little late with Thursday and Saturday games in Week 16 but the games aren’t over yet.  Here are my picks.

Lock Of The Week
Green Bay,38,Tampa Bay,13
I have officially nicknamed this game Battle of the Bays, instead of Battle of the Bands.  Green vs Tampa.   Well, it’s a lock for the Packers.  On offense,  you could worry about Gerald McCoy’s sacks, but he won’t get to Aaron Rodgers.  He will be on Eddie Lacy though, which could be a problem.  
     But Tampa’s secondary doesn’t have any heroes, so the Pack will start passing, giving Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb amazing games.  
Andrew Quarless and Richard Rodgers might catch a few, but they won’t get any touchdowns. 
     Usually, Cobb is touchdown dependent but today I think two will go to Nelson, two to Cobb, and one quick one to Lacy if Gerald McCoy gets off the field at all.  Five touchdowns and a Mason Crosby field goal.  That gives the offense 30 point credit, and Crosby 8 point credit.  38 points.
      On Tampa Bay’s side of the ball, things are a different story.  Julius Peppers and AJ Hawk will go after Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey, which leaves the Bucs with dud Charles Sims.  No.  They’ll start passing, but Ha-Ha Clinton Dix will be on top of Mike Evans, and Vincent Jackson will get targets, but won’t be enough,  especially with Clay Matthews getting sacks for the second consecutive week, sacking Josh McCown this time around.  Their only hope is Vincent Jackson getting one touchdown, which I think will happen and a couple Patrick Murray field goals.  That means Murray will get more point credit than the offense.  That definitely doesn’t match Green Bay’s offense, so the Pack will crush the Buccaneers in Tampa, in this Battle of the Bays.

Other Locks To Note:New England over NY Jets, Philadelphia over Washington

Upset Of The Week
Denver, 30, Cincinnati, 31
I almost went with the lowly Raiders over the Bills, and that’s still an upset pick.  I later decided to write about Cincinnati over Denver, since my fantasy super bowl win depends on them winning.  Denver rules.  Face it. But this time I think the hot Bengals can just bring them down, after a 27-0 shutout over the Browns.  On offense, the Bengals are good.  So is the Denver defense.  DeMarcus Ware and Von Miller are threats for sacking Andy Dalton and bringing is offensive line protection down.  He can run the ball.  He can do hurry-up offense passing.  Jason Campbell or AJ McCarron can come in.  Does the Bengals have a third RB to avoid Miller and Ware? 
       Although Aqib Talib is a slight threat on AJ Green, just go to Jermaine Gresham.  Let him and Mohammed Sanu score a couple times each.  And kick field goals.  It’s all good!  
     The Denver offense should be at least decent too, but Peyton Manning might not even play.  Geno Atkins will go right for Brock Osweiler.  But if Manning does play, it’s another story.  
     Unless Vontaze Burfict and Atkins can get Manning and CJ Anderson, the Broncos starting running back.  Don’t worry, they will.  Otherwise, he’ll go to the two Thomas’ and Sanders. Broncos win.  Boo hoo.  Nope, they’ll get him.  So, the Bengals can handle an upset, but it’ll be hard.

Other Upsets To Note:Oakland over Buffalo,  Houston over Baltimore,  Pittsburgh over Kansas City

Other Games
New England, 38, NY Jets, 20 – Tom Brady will lead them to victory, even with the Jets trying extra hard to beat their rival
Minnesota, 17, Miami, 20 – Miami’s still in the playoff race.  They’ll try a lot harder.  They can beat the lowly Vikings at HOME.
Buffalo, 13, Oakland, 14 – The Raiders will score a game winning TD late.
The Bills are in he playoff race, but aren’t that good, even with CJ Spiller back.
Kansas City, 30, Pittsburgh, 31 – These days, with Roehlisberger as good as he is, and the Chiefs struggling, he can handle this win.  
Baltimore, 20, Houston, 24 – Another upset.  It’s the defense that counts in this game.
Cleveland, 17, Carolina, 27 – You really think Johnny Manziel can beat the Panthers?!!!!
Indianapolis, 31, Dallas, 20 – Yup.  If Luck can run to Dan Herron or throw to Nicks with Hilton out, I trust the Colts winning.  It’ll be hard though.
Tennessee, 13, Jacksonville, 3 – I would normally say easy, both teams stink, home team wins, but Jacksonville is much worse.
San Diego, 31, San Francisco, 38 – Both teams need a win to stay in the playoff hunt.  They have about even abilities, so the home team wins.  Easy.
Philadelphia, 34, Washington, 20 – It’s a lock for Philly, but with how close it was last time in Philly, the Redskins should score a good amount.
NY Giants, 21, St. Louis, 24 Again.  Even abilities, home team wins.   Easy.
Detroit, 17, Chicago, 34 – Detroit rules.  Chicago stinks.  I actually think though with home field advantages and a new QB, if they run, they can win.
Atlanta, 17, New Orleans, 41 This game is for the division.  With home field advantages, I think the Saints can win.
Seattle, 34, Arizona, 27 – Arizona was hit, but now Seattle is and the Cardinals are cooling off.  I actually think the Seahawks can get past them.

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