Red Sox Get Three New Pitchers

The Red Sox recently received three starting pitchers from trades and free agency. They traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Tigers for Rick Porcello, traded Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster to the Diamondbacks for Wade Miley, and signed free agent Justin Masterson. Masterson has been on the Sox before, and is my personal favorite of the three. Last year, he was in Cleveland’s starting rotation. Rick Porcello had added to Detroit’s amazing rotation. He had a rough year in 2013, but turned it around last year. Hopefully this year, Porcello will continue to be on an upturn with his new 2015 team rather then his 2013 self. 2013’s struggles made me disappointed because of how good he usually is, and that’s the kind of pitching that makes him only my No. 2 favorite of the three behind Justin Masterson. My least favorite of the trio is Wade Miley. I’d never heard of him before he signed with Boston, but apparently, he’s a pretty good starting pitcher who started in Arizona, a team that I don’t care about or look at that much who stunk last year. I thought this guy was some rookie dud at first because of the guys we traded them for him and the fact that I’d never heard his name, unlike most other starters actually worth something. Infact, from doing fantasy football, although I like baseball more, I know more about football players now. Maybe I should’ve done fantasy baseball instead and waited till spring. Hopefully this trio will be enough for the Sox rotation. Last time I told you about the Red Sox I told you about hitting and the lineup. Today my focus is starting pitching. I think the rotation will be:
Justin Masterson
Rick Porcello
Clay Buchholz
Joe Kelly
Wade Miley
So, hopefully now that they have good pitching and a good lineup, hopefully the Red Sox can make it through 2015 with a much better record.

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