NFL Week 15 Picks

The football season is nearly coming to a close as many teams fight for the playoffs against division rivals. Here’s how I think things will turn out. Try entering my picks into the ESPN Playoff Machine if you want to see how the playoffs turn out with my predictions being right. Alright. Let’s get started.

Lock Of The Week 
Green Bay, 38, Buffalo, 20
    The Packers should be able to go into more cold weather to beat Buffalo. These teams are both cold climate and Buffalo’s at home.  However, Green Bay has been dominate lately including a win over the red hot Patriots.  They continued their streak last week with a Monday Night Football win over Atlanta.  Atlanta was coming back for the upset, but the Pack held on to the win.  I expect the same in Buffalo, except Buffalo won’t have a chance, not a chance.   Aaron Rodgers will use key offense men Eddie Lacy, now star Jordy Nelson, and his close No. 2 Randall Cobb.
    The Bills don’t have any key weapons on defense other then Mario Williams.  He won’t be able to cover Nelson and Cobb.  Davante Adams may also finish strong.  Also, fullback James Starks could back up strongly for Lacy if his late game injury from last week holds him back.  
      On defense, middle linebacker Clay Matthews will head right for Kyle Orton multiple times.  Orton needs to be ready for a lot of sacks in this game.  The Packers should also have a could rushing defense.  AJ Hawk and Julius Peppers will go after Fred Jackson, Bryce Brown and Anthony Dixon.  I don’t think Brown and Dixon are worth it at this point though with Jackson getting most carries but that’s who they’ll use if Peppers and Hawk are all over Jackson, so the Bills will have running troubles. 
   They won’t run then, they’ll pass, but with who?  Hopefully for Bills fans, Orton will be sacked enough to bring second year and second string quarterback EJ Manuel into the game.  It’s Manuel’s first year as a backup after starting last year though.  He’s not as much of a sack target, so he’ll pass to Watkins and Woods some, but it shouldn’t be enough to catch up with the Pack especially with rookie safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix on top of them, especially Watkins.  So in the end, Aaron Rodgers and crew should blowout the Bills in Buffalo.

Other Locks To Note:New England over Miami, Baltimore over Jacksonville, Indianapolis over Houston, Kansas City over Oakland, Carolina over Tampa Bay

Upset Of The Week
Pittsburgh, 21, Atlanta, 24
    I was between the Thursday night clash, Cinci and Cleveland and this game for the upset.  Well, St. Lou. and Arizona were close at one point, but Arizona starred.  With Ellington and Palmer out and Fitzgerald going cold and with a hot Rams defense and Tre Mason, Stedman Bailey, Kenny Britt, Tavon Austin and Jared Cook, what should be the new Rams lineup just needs Sam Bradford to make them playoff contenders.  Patrick Peterson is the only Cardinals defenseman to stop them, so they’ll just go to Mason and the Rams should win easier then you think.
    In Cincinnati and Cleveland, that division’s so tight, any home team can win in a division clash, even with Johnny Manziel being announced the new starter for the Browns.  He’ll go to Crowell, Gordon, Hawkins and Cameron, an almost full lineup, although Geno Atkins and Vontaze Burfict could be tough to get by.  Only AJ Green will get by Joe Haden though.  Think, both teams rule.  Home team wins.  Easy. 
     That leaves the Falcons over Pittsburgh.   I think that Matt Ryan and crew can win it for the Falcons.  Steven Jackson should have a great game, with nobody good defending him.   The Falcons also have three good wide receivers.  Julio Jones, Roddy White and Harry Douglas should make some catches.  However, Troy Polumalu and Ike Taylor should be on top of them.  On the other side of the ball, Roethlisberger, Bell and Antonio Brown should dominate early, but Roethlisberger is a sack target for Sean Weatherspoon.  This should be high scoring, but in the end the Falcons should get the upset.

Other Upsets To Note:Cleveland over Cincinnati, St. Louis over Arizona

Other Scores
Miami, 20, New England, 41
NY Jets, 17, Tennessee, 20
Cincinnati, 20, Cleveland, 24
Jacksonville, 0, Baltimore, 27
Houston, 20, Indianapolis, 34
Denver, 34, San Diego, 34
Oakland, 0, Kansas City, 31
Dallas, 13, Philadelphia, 34
Washington, 20, NY Giants, 24
New Orleans, 34, Chicago, 35
Minnesota, 13, Detroit, 20
Tampa Bay, 7, Carolina, 30
San Francisco, 38, Seattle, 41
Arizona, 21, St. Louis, 24

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