Are Hanley and Sandoval enough for Boston?

The Red Sox have now spent their offseason stockpiling on outfielders. They have the following:
Daniel Nava
Shane Victorino
Allen Craig
Yoenis Cespedes
Rusney Castillo
Hanley Ramirez
Pablo Sandoval (usually third base)
They’ll trade:
A good pitcher
And sign:
Jon Lester
James Shields OR
Max Scherzer

They need pitchers if they want to be good again, and Ramirez, Castillo and Cespedes are good enough, and eventually Cespedes will leave the Sox and JBJ, Betts and Holt will be added into the mix. Victorino would be the next guy to go to though. So, they now have too many outfielders and not enough pitchers. It could be another miracle year for the Sox. In the infield, easy. Napoli at first, Pedroia at second, Bogaerts at short, Sandoval at third. Middlebrooks will still backup. Christian Vazquez will catch with David Ross continuing to back him up and David Ortiz will stay at DH, no doubt about it. We may even see a little Mookie Betts and Brock Holt in the infield but pitching is more important now. They should have these pitchers in the rotation:
New Pitcher-Such As Maybe Cole Hamels

You got to give Buchholz another try I think.
The lineup will be something crazy like this
1.Castillo CF
2.Pedroia 2B
3.Ortiz DH
4.Cespedes LF
5.Napoli 1B
6.Sandoval 3B
7.Ramirez RF
8.Bogaerts SS
9.Vazquez C

So, we’ll just have to see how this rebuilt Red Sox group turns out. Will they just be another bummer, or will they make a miracle and win another world series?

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