Patriots Missing Key Players in New York

The Patriots have a few key injuries on their way to New York today. They’re missing receiver Julian Edelman to a concussion and running back LeGarrette Blount with a shoulder injury. This gives running backs Shane Vereen and Jonas Gray plus receivers Brandon LaFell and Danny Amendola an opurtunity to play. However, the situation is bad for tight end Rob Gronkowski. He’ll have extra defensemen on him, but it’s a good thing the Jets are missing Muhammad Wilkerson. Can the Pats still beat the Jets? Of course. The Jets stink. The Pats won’t lose to the lowly Jets after only 3 losses. However, the Jets don’t have an important matchup, Infact any left, so they want to be extra ready to beat their rival in New England at MetLife Stadium. They were able to do that last year, with an upsetting, embarrassing loss for the Pats, that happened at my Roller Kingdom birthday party last year, where they did have TVs for me to watch it happen live. But this year should be different as the Pats will most likely win.

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