Can Both The Patriots and Myself win a Super Bowl?

If you keep track, you probably don’t, but this is my 200th post on this blog.  So, I’m in the fantasy super bowl and since I started predicting the 2014-15 NFL season, I’ve named the Patriots my projected super bowl champs.  I still think the Pats can win it all, but it’ll be a little tougher for me, even though there’s a 50% chance of me winning it.  I once had a perfect lineup, Andrew Luck, Matt Forte, Alfred Morris, T.Y. Hilton, Brandon Marshall, Greg Olsen, Nick Novak and the Texans DST.  Now, first, I’m facing a team who’s lineup is Mark Sanchez, Mark Ingram, Steven Jackson, DeMaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders, Antonio Gates, Steven Hauschka, Eagles DST.  I’m already projected to lose 100-89, and Mark Sanchez got 28, overperforming by 8, the Eagles got 11, meeting their projection, and Antonio Gates scored a whopping 21 points, a ton for a tight end, overperforming by 11.  However, I did start 15 point Alfred Morris, a 6 point overperformer.  Now I’ll lose 119-95.  My lineup now:Luck, Forte, Morris, Hilton(will be Reggie Wayne or Hakeem Nicks), Steve Smith,  Olsen, Matt Bryant, Ravens DST.  So, fine, it’ll be 119-99 when I reset my lineup, but I’m still in huge trouble.

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