Napoli,De La Rosa help the Red Sox knock the Royals off their throne

The Red Sox came back from 1-0 with a Napoli home run in the 6th inning and the Sox pitchers didn’t allow another run.The final score was Red Sox 2,Royals 1.So far their 2-0 in the 2nd half and have won 6 out of the last 7 games!Brock Holt lead in batting averages with an average of .326 but now Vazquez took his spot with a .455 average but he’s fairly new to the team and it takes time for a rookie’s average to lower.The Red Sox have only scored 7 runs in the second half but only allowed 5.
Having Victorino in the lineup also made things easier.We would’ve been in extra innings if they didn’t call him up cause he hit the game tying RBI single.Hopefully,Middlebrooks will join the Sox again to and that means the boys are all back again.That meant Betts went down for down for now but I expect youth to be thought of throughout the remainder of the season.It looks like I might be right about a Red Sox second half comeback.

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