Red Sox Sweep Royals, Lester in Pinstripes?

The Red Sox swept the Royals by winning 5-4,2-1 and 6-0.The scored 13 runs and allowed only 5.Jon Lester pitched 8 innings without a run scored yesterday while the Red Sox drove in 6 runs.Sending,Mookie Betts down,they activated outfielder Shane Victorino from the disabled list.They have a 4 game winning streak and have won 7 out of their last 8 games,2 with Victorino.They improved their record to 46-52.The Red Sox are 7-3 in their last ten and 8-7 in their last 15.Everyone everywhere thinks Jon Lester will not sign with Boston again.He’ll probably sign with the Yankees,Dodgers or Mets because he wants lots of money.The Red Sox play 13 games in the division before facing the rising Cardinals and Angels.I think they’ll take 3 of 4 from Toronto,2 of 3 from Tampa Bay,sweep Toronto and take 2 of 3 from the Yankees due to the pitching disaster.Their record will improve to 56-55.The Red Sox are on the rise.Will they make the playoffs? How will they do? We’ll have to watch them to see.

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