Red Sox Getting Better For 2nd Half ?

The Red Sox’s second half began with a 5-4 comeback with a 2 2 run home runs to comeback from 4-1,one by Xander Bogaerts,the other by pinch hitter Jonny Gomes to win at home against the Kansas City Royals.John Farrell is starting to just rebuild for next year by bringing up rookies but I think they should keep their big hitters and aces because if they keep up the pitching and gain a couple power hitters they actually might have a chance!If I were John Farrell,I would extend Lester’s contract for three more years and try to get Miguel Cabrera for him.The Red Sox have improving Buchholz,Lackey and Lester so they should trade one for an offensive player.I think when Middlebrooks and Victorino come back the lineup should be Holt RF,Victorino CF,Pedroia 2B,Ortiz DH,Napoli 1B,Gomes LF,Bogaerts SS,Middlebrooks 3B,Vazquez.The Red Sox have won 5 out of the last 6 games and are 5-5 in the last ten and are 44-52 total,tied for last with the Rays in the AL East.I still rank them 18th overall and 4th in the AL East.So, should the Red Sox try to do better in the 2nd half or should they try and add some young guys and trade some veterans to prepare for next season?

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