Gonk Knocks S2 E6 – Thudding it Up

In Episode 5, Algonquin’s return to the field after a weekend break was highlighted.  Episode 6 moves on to Tuesday, Algonquin’s first of two days in upper pads.  Check it out:

On Tuesday, Algonquin put on uppers as well as their official practice jerseys for the first time.  These would be the jerseys they wear at their scrimmage in Clinton that they will spend the week preparing for.

Many of the players were excited to thud it up for the first time, but pads also add some extra challenges at practice.  Players must be ready for man to man action, the increase in weight on their shoulders and chest, and the pressure on the team to act like football players once uppers come on.

It took a bit for some of the players to get adjusted, but others benefitted from the pads.

The DBs saw a big improvement on Tuesday.  Eli Khasabo had some great blocks and an interception during defensive 7 on 7s.

The d-line took a bit to get adjusted to the more difficult blocking, but they enjoyed trying out some new, more physical drills and going 1 on 1 against other linemen for the first time.  They did many of these drills during defensive 7 on 7s, in which the focus is on linebackers and DBs.

We mic’d up DC Mark Allen for much of the defensive focused parts of practice.

After this, the team shifted focus to the offense.

Derek Blanchard had the 2 best catches of the day, diving for a deep ball on one play, and showing off some excellent route-running after catching another deep ball the next play.

Rafael Gutierrez and Aidan McKenna also had some nice catches.

The o-line struggled at times during their first day in upper pads despite a strong day on Monday.  But Coach Brooks was ready to move on and focus on a strong day Wednesday.

After practice, I spoke with junior captain, LB and FB Rio Ferguson, senior QB Riley Greenwald, and Head Coach Taylor Allen

Now that players have begun to get adjusted to uppers, Wednesday and Thursday will be very telling as to who’s ready to go.  Wednesday is the team’s last day on uppers.   They put on full pads on Thursday.

Stay tuned to see how they do in Episode 7 of Gonk Knocks.

Gonk Knocks: Training Camp with the Algonquin Tomahawks

Season 2

Upcoming Key Dates for the Tomahawks Football Team

  • Friday, 8/30 @ 6 p.m.: Scrimmage #2 at Home vs. Franklin
  • Friday, 9/13 @ 7 p.m.: Regular Season Game #1 @Doherty
  • Friday, 9/20 @ 7 p.m.: Regular Season Game #2 at Home vs. Shepherd Hill



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