UPDATE: Mock Coming Tomorrow, NFL FA Coverage Modified

As an aspiring reporter, I write this blog for a good writing experience, so I have posted articles in delay for the experience. But I also would like to try to stay as up to date as possible, so I have decided to cut down on the NFL free agency coverage. I was planning to release a big recap, but instead, I will be posting a chart on my Instagram that compares my initial Predictions to actual results, and I will be making some predictions about the remaining free agents after the draft (I do not expect any major free agent signings this week as the draft is every team’s current focus and every team will have to re-assess after the draft.

Here is part of the NFL free agency charts I will be posting on Instagram. I will also post the rest of these with my next NFL free agency Article:

These first three portray top QBs, RBs, and WRs who became free agents before the new league year began and have since signed with a team.

To catch up on NFL free agency, check out this NFL free agency tracker on Spotrac:


But for now, I would like to focus my attention to this week’s big sports event, the NFL draft. My final NFL Mock Draft will be released tomorrow. I am unsure as to whether it will include trades. If it does not, I will include some potential trade scenarios. The mock I post will be one round long, but I will include my later round Patriots picks.

You will be able to see my full mocks (I have one with trades and one without) on MockOut, a mock draft contest app that I would recommend. I will leave links in the Mock Draft tomorrow.

After the draft, stay tuned for draft grades, Baseball Bits, Red Sox Report, my MLB April Power Rankings, Bruins and Celtics playoff coverage, and much more. I may also be releasing my NFL season predictions and Pats game-by-game predictions on the earlier side this year, especially now that the schedule is out, free agency is mostly over, and the draft is underway.

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