Melican Takes Early Lead, Holds On Against Gibbons

Like last year, I am covering some of my middle school (Melican Middle School) basketball team’s home games.  Here is my recap from the boys team’s second home game of the season against Gibbons Middle School.

The Melican boys basketball team topped Gibbons at home, 71-44. Melican took a huge lead early, but led by #15 Nick B. and #23 James H., Gibbons made it closer later on. Melican was still able to hold off Westboro, winning by a large deficit (27 points)! They were led by a double-double from James J., who scored 15 points and got 14 rebounds. Aidan and Cam S. added 14 and 12 points, respectively.

The game started off low-scoring, as the Melican team made some great defensive plays. The Melican offense began to gain some momentum towards the end of the 1st quarter, making it 15-9 to end the quarter. By about halfway through the 2nd quarter, Melican was on a 17-3 run. Beau O. set the tone to begin the quarter by sinking a huge 3-pointer. They outscored Gibbons 23-7 through the entire 2nd quarter, taking a secure 38-16 lead by halftime.

#15 Nick B. helped Gibbons start the 3rd quarter strong. He led Gibbons to nearly match Melican’s stats in the 3rd. But after gaining such a huge lead before half, Melican was able to hold onto a 56-32 lead. Early on in the 4th, Melican was able to hold off Gibbons. But James H. And Nick B. continued to lead Gibbons. However, Melican was able to keep up, and they held onto their lead. Although James H. made a lot of shots late in the game, Melican won, 71-44. The team heads to Charlton on Thursday? Will they have the same success that they did today?




#.   Name.     PTS
31 Aidan CF.   4
32 Tucker G.   0
14 James J.      15
10 Joe K.          0
22. Connor L. 6
23.  Adam M. 0
04  Beau O.     5
05 Patrick P.   3
12 Aidan S.   14
11. Cam S.     12
13 Jacob S.    10
03. Harrison S.  2

Total: 71

Other Interesting Stats

– James J. had a double double with 15 points and 14 rebounds
– Jacob S. did not just have 10 points, he also had 7 steals


#. Name. PTS. .

01.                  0
02.                  0
03.                   6
04. Aidan L.  0
05.                  0
11 Luke G.    2
12.                  4
14.                  0
15. Nick B.    18
21.                  4
22. Colin S.    0
23. James H. 14

Total: 44

Team.      1.    2.   3.  4. TOT
Gibbons. 9.   7.   16. 12. 44
Melican. 15. 23. 18. 15. 71

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