Revis’s Revenge: Patriots-Jets Preview

This game is not just part of the Revenge Tour for Tom Brady, but revenge on a former team for Darrelle Revis.  So, it’s a game worth watching.  Which is more likely, a lock or an upset?  Well, it is a semi-lock but the Jets have had absolutely amazing stats this season, and they could be a threat to the Patriots.  So, lets get in to the details.  Super bowl winning team vs biggest improvement of the season.  So, lets get into the details.  Who will win this huge game?

pats-jets gameday

So, the Jets might have a tough defense, but Brady’s bunch is better.  If Dion Lewis and Brandon Bolden are hurt, they’re not great in RB depth, with Blount being guarded by Sheldon Richardson.  But the passing game should still have weapons.  Even if Edelman and Gronk have Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  But Brandon LaFell is back, and Danny Amendola and Scott Chandler are also amazing, so the Patriots can squeeze out some scores.  And the Patriots defense is underrated.  However, so is the Jets offense.   Chris Ivory and Zac Stacy are done when facing Jerod Mayo, Chandler Jones and Rob Ninkovich.  Brandon Marshall will also be guarded by Malcolm Butler and Devin McCourty.  And Patrick Chung might guard Eric Decker, but they are closing in on the Jets way better than the Jets are on the Patriots.  Lets look more in depth at all these injuries and my opinion on them.

Injury Report



Marcus Cannon (Toe, DNP) – He seroiusly got hurt after Nate Solder went on IR?

Rufus Johnson (Illness, DNP) – He doesn’t have a major role on the team anyways.

Jabaal Sheard (Ankle, DNP) – This is a pretty big loss, not good.


Brandon Bolden  (Hamstring, LP) – This really cuts the RB depth with Lewis already hurt.

Trey Flowers (Knee, Shoulder, LP) – Still needs more rest

Dont’a Hightower (Ribs, LP) – I really think that Hightower can prepare to play this week

Josh Kline (Shoulder, LP) – I think he will play, but shoulders are tough, so he could either suck it up, or be out a while

Dion Lewis (Abdomen, LP) – Big loss, unfortunately I don’t think he will play

Keshawn Martin (Hamstring, LP) – If he pulled his hamstring, he won’t play, but otherwise it doesn’t seem so serious

Shaq Mason (Knee, LP) – I don’t think he’ll play, but if he doesn’t, that leaves only Tre’ Jackson at left guard

Matthew Slater (Knee, LP) – This looks like a dangerous injury to the Pats master of special teams



Bilal Powell (Ankle, DNP) – Really tinkered with the RB depth, him and Stevan Ridley being out


Jaiquawn Jarrett (Knee, LP) – Have no idea who this is, not important for him to play


Willie Colon (Knee, LP) – I think he can play, as long as he has no ACL or MCL injuries, he should be fine


S Dion Bailey – Elbow (FP) – No Opinion
LB Quinton Coples – Elbow (FP) – Should Play, Good Enough To
WR Eric Decker – Knee (LP) – Even with limited practice, he’s had enough time to rehab
QB Ryan Fitzpatrick – Albow (right) (FP) – He’s gonna suck it up.  Smith is hurt.  You really want Bryce Petty starting
DL Damon Harrison – Finger (FP) – No Opinion
WR Brandon Marshall – Calf (LP) – He needs to suck it up or the Jets are screwed
WR Chris Owusu – Knee (LP) – I still don’t think Owusu is ready to play, he was limited
CB Buster Skrine – Concussion (FP) – He can suck it up
CB Marcus Williams – Hamstring (LP)- No Opinion

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