Patriots Overcome Injuries, Surpass Jets

It was a tough situation for the Patriots.  At least Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Dont’a Hightower were back.  But Dion Lewis and Brandon Bolden were both siting out, which cut down on the running back depth.  Just LeGarrette Blount and James White.  They shouldn’t have ever cut Jonas Gray, or even Travaris Cadet.  The game ended with lots of scoring.  It was 20-16 in the fourth quarter, but then, BOOM!!!!!!

The Patriots marched down the field, and ended the drive with and 8 yard touchdown pass to Danny Amendola.  Very next Patriots drive, Gronk goes wide open into the end zone.  Bad coaching move by Todd Bowles, the former Cardinals defensive coordinator.  And all of a sudden it was 30-20 with under two minutes to go.  But it wasn’t over.  Nick Folk got the field goal, and then he attempted an onside kick.  The Jets got it!!!!  They were marching down the field.  On one play, they ended it with one second to go.  Ryan Fitzpatrick could attempt a hail mary and go to overtime.  But, a false start on the Jets ended the game, and the Patriots won.  Now lets go back to the start.

It was a quiet start.  The Pats got the field goal on their first drive, but Nick Folk followed with one of his own.  By the end of the first quarter, the Jets were having some injury issues of their own.  Chris Ivory tweaked his hamstring on the first play of the first drive, just didn’t know it, and Calvin Pryor III had the first of two minor injuries this game.

To begin the 2nd quarter, Jeremy Kerley got the touchdown reception, giving the Jets a 10-3 lead.  Again, the Pats came right back.  They struggled to get through in their red zone possession at first, but Brady ran it in for 1 yard.  10-10.  And before halftime, Stephen Gostkowski gave them the 13-10 lead with a field goal.  The Pats have not lost at home while leading at the half since 2000!!!  It would hurt for that to be broken.

So, they took action.  Another field goal as they struggled.  It wasn’t looking good, especially when Chris Ivory scored a go-ahead touchdown.  17-16 Jets.  Then Nick Folk kicked a last minute field goal and the 4th quarter began.  As the Pats did their thing, the Jets had more injuries.  Calvin Pryor III hurt his ankle, then Nick Mangold got carted off with a possible very serious concussion.  He will go through the league’s concussion protocol.  The Pats did it!!!!!!  30-23.  And in just 4 days, see another division game, Pats-Dolphins at Gillette, only on CBS and NFL Network.  The Pats are 6, soon hopefully to be 7, knock on wood, and Brady has taken six pawns on his Revenge Tour.  Will they keep it up?  We’re on to Miami.

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