In Detail: Milwaukee Brewers

This is my 11th post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Brewers are still good, but not at every position, and not extremely good.  Hopes are for a decent Brew Crew this season.  They started pretty healthy, that’s one provblem avoided, knock on wood.  They have many players to help the team out.  Ryan Braun should have a much better year.  Aramis Ramirez is pretty good, and Jonathan Lucroy is another star to watch.  Also look out for Carlos Gomez and Khris Davis in the outfield.  Scooter Gennett and Jean Segura are also decent infield picks.  The Brewers were very quiet in the off season after their huge September collapse.  However, they did make one big move.  They signed Adam Lind in the off season.  Lind is a former Toronto Blue Jays first baseman/designated hitter who has been replaced by Toronto’s new addition of ex-Seattle Mariner Justin Smoak.  Lind will play first base, and first base only for the Brewers, since the National League doesn’t have a designated hitter.  He may play designated hitter in American League stadiums though, giving Luis Jiminez a chance to play first.  Now I need to talk about keys to the 2015 Brewers pitching staff.  The Brewers have a pretty dependable rotation, including Matt Garza, Kyle Lohse and other pitchers who may not be stars, but are enough to fill the rotation spots effectively.  The bullpen is also pretty decent, including Jonathan Broxton and Francisco Rodriguez.  My prediction for the Brewers is for the Brew Crew to come in 5th place in the NL Central, finishing with an 80-82 record, being ranked 20th overall.  The Brewers’ rank doesn’t say it, but much like the White Sox, but with an actual middle team record, the Brew Crew will be one of this year’s middle teams.

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