In Detail: Atlanta Braves

This is my 12th post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Braves are in the middle of a rebuild.  They have lost most of their best players, including star closer Craig Kimbrel.  It also includes star hitter and outfielder Justin Upton and another good hitter in B.J. Upton.  All these players have at some point, been traded to the Padres.  The rebuilding Padres are clearly feeding on the also rebuilding Braves.  The Padres are definitely a step ahead of the Braves in the rebuild.  However, the Braves are left with some good players to help them get at least near the .500 mark, along with some new add-ons to the team.  These players include only one hitter that originally was on the team.  This hitter is first baseman Freddie Freeman.  Freeman joins three new additions to the roster that will help the lineup.  The first used to play for the Baltimore Orioles, Nick Markakis.  There, they miss him dearly as he was a key to the 2014 division win the O’s pulled off.  He was desperately needed by the rebuilding Braves who didn’t already have someone as good as him.  The second is to replace another guy the Braves lost to the astros, Evan Gattis.  When Gattis left, it left a hole at catcher.  well, that hole has been filled well with a starter and new backup.  Christian Bethancourt is the new and dependable starting catcher.  A.J. PIerzynski, who proved he can only handle being a backup rather than a starter last season by stinking as Red Sox starting catcher, then doing well backing up for the Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina, who was injured when they acquired him.  Pierzynski will continue as a backup catcher, this year for the Atlanta Braves.  The third guy is former Red Sox and Athletics outfielder, Jonny Gomes.  Gomes is OK, but you’ll definitely need a backup for him, which the Braves don’t have, making Gomes the only option, and he’s weak when he plays too much sometimes.  The startin rotation has also really improved.  Mike Minor is injured, but him and Julio Teheran are still going strong in the rotation. They also added Alex Wood to help Teheran and Minor.  My prediction for these decent Braves is to come in 3rd place in the NL East, finishing with an 80-82 record, being ranked 19th overall.  The Braves did lose many good players, but the rebuild may be effective if you combine the new and old players that I said will help the team.

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