In Detail: Colorado Rockies

This is my 8th post in my MLB In Detail post series this April.  The Rockies aren’t going to be that good this year but they have a few good players to help them out.  You can never count out Troy Tulowitzki from the good players on the team as he is a partial star.  Justin Morneau will also help the team as he always has as well.  Morneau is a key infielder on the team.  Carlos Gonzalez also fills the outfield roster well and I think he’ll be great this year.  Their starting rotation isn’t bad either.  They have LaTroy Hawkins and the injured Jorge De La Rosa.  De La Rosa is on the disabled list, but only the 15 day disabled list.  If he was on the 60 day disabled list, things would be a different story.  On that list, you can be out for the season.  But I expect De La Rosa to come back by mid-May, when the season starts to count more.  But, other than that, who else do they have to help.  I did not mention very many people.  That’s because the Rockies are running out of options.  They lost Michael Cuddyer to the New York Mets, who are partially rebuilding their team.  After 2013, another old star retired.  The Rockies are beginning to fall apart.  They are third in the NL West because I don’t know how to analyze the Padres and Arizona stinks by far more than this.  That reminds me, I never said what my prediction for this shattering team.  My prediction for the Rockies is to be 3rd place in the NL West, having a 76-86 record, being ranked 23rd overall.  Although the Marlins and White Sox or even the Padres and Astros are ranked lower, I think the Rockies may be worse.  I don’t have much faith in them despite the fact that they have a few huge hitters, pitchers and fielders left on the team.

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