Seahawks QB Russell Wilson To Attend Rangers Spring Training

The Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson may have a chance for victory after a loss in football’s national championship. Wilson has decided to attend spring training in baseball! But, it might be the wrong team he chose. The Texas Rangers will hold Wilson at spring training as he enters the MLB as a second sport. Wilson has a good chance to have a comeback in sports this year, and become a multi-sport athlete. As spring training opens over the past two and next three days, there are other rookies and non-roster invited players to have a chance in the MLB. I could see players like Kris Bryant and Rusney Castillo having good years for their teams. Spring training coming also makes me feel like spring is getting closer. Want to see hat kind of season I think spring training will lead up to? See my pre-spring rankings. Also see my post series throughout April if you want to see revised scouting reports after spring training wraps up and the season gets started.

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