Ranking The Teams 6-1:My Version

Today I will finish my MLB rankings with the 6 best teams, the best of them being the Nationals AGAIN.

6.St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are beginning to slow down after being good for many years. Joe Kelly left the team, and AJ Pierzynski, backup catcher. However, they still have a decent rotation including Michael Wacha, Lance Lynn, Adam Wainwright and John Lackey. Jon Jay, Matt Carpenter, Yadier Molina and Matt Holliday remain in the lineup, along with Mark Reynolds and Jhonny Peralta joining the team. But, some of them like Carpenter or Peralta can’t do too much, and they have a hole at second base and backup catcher, along with backup infielders. But, they are still pretty good otherwise and I could still see around 90 wins, the division win and playoff berth from them. The Cardinals might not be that much worse this year.

My Prediction:91-71

5.Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Angels are going to stay a playoff team for a while now that they got in. Mike Trout stays strong, and Josh Hamilton may have an even better year. Albert Pujols can also still hit well. Jered Weaver will also help keep the rotation in shape. Some off season acquirings have also helped, as they signed Matt Joyce and CJ Wilson. They have plenty of players who have at least some potential whether they contribute to the batting skills or fielding skills of the team. In the rotation, they have Andrew Heaney who wasn’t worth who they gave up for him, but should help a little, plus Garrett Richards in the rotation. It hurt to lose Howie Kendrick for Heaney however, leaving them a hole at second base. But Chris Ianetta, Erick Aybar, Kole Calhoun, even Collin Cowgill along with hitters I’ve already listed, if they can all contribute at least a little bit of their skill to the 2015 Angels, the Angels can make up for Kendrick. They can get at least 90 wins I bet.

My Prediction:91-71

4.Texas Rangers

I may have at some point overrated the Rangers but I don’t know why they were higher than this so I moved them down, I mean, I’m not sure if the Rangers can win the AL West, I have a strange feeling the Angels are a tiny bit better. I mean, last year what happened is everybody got injured and everybody thinks they didn’t even have the right players in the first place. They have some support in the rotation from Derek Holland and Yu Darvish if they’re healthy, which is the big division decider. Tanner Scheppers isn’t bad, and Anthony Ranaudo will help their improving prospect choices. They still have the same infield, Jurickson Profar, Adam Rosales and most importantly Adrian Beltre, Elvis Andrus and Prince Fielder. Mitch Moreland at designated hitter, and Sin-Soo Choo to support the outfield. Wait, the outfield is their weakness. Choo will help, but they have no right fielders what so ever and their ceneter field guy is on the 60 day disabled list. If they can stay healthy and get some good outfielders in the draft or in trades, they can get a playoff spot or even win the AL West. I see a potential of possibly having 95 wins.

My Prediction:94-68

3.Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers will still be good even after losing Matt Kemp. Everyone except Nick Punto in the Red Sox and Doders trade of 2012 was worth it. Josh Beckett has joined the starting rotation, and Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford helped the lineup. Them joining Zach Greinke and Clayton Kershaw in the rotation plus Yasiel Puig in the lineup makes a good team. Well, maybe they need a few more components in the lineup after the loss of Kemp. They also have Brandon McCarthy in the rotation in case Beckett can’t come back from the disabled list, but I expect Beckett to do well and stay injury free. Never mind what I said about the lineup. They’ve had an active off season. They got Howie Kendrick from the Angels, Jimmy Rollins making the Phillies even more hopeless this year missing him and John Mayberry Jr., Darwin Barney from the Cubs, well that was 2014’s offseason, all in the infield with Adrian Gonzalez. Andre Either will also continue to support the outfield. So, the Dodgers don’t have many holes on their team this year, which makes it a pretty good team when they stay healthy, which I think they’ll have better luck on than previous years. However, catcher is one weakness to keep your eye on. I expect between 90-95 wins from LA this year.

My Prediction:94-68

2.Kansas City Royals

These world series runner ups stayed active in the offseason. They signed Rangers right fielder Alex Rios, and designated hitter Kendrys Morales. They kept two good catchers, Erik Kratz and all star Salvador Perez at starting catcher. Although they didn’t resign James Shields, they have Yordano Ventura, Jeremy Guthrie, Brandon Finnegan and Danny Duffy in the rotation. Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Omar Infante and Alcides Escobar fill their infield well while Alex Gordon, Jorge Bonofacio and Alex Rios fill the outfield. However, they do need backup support and it would be nice to have a player who’s experienced in center field as two right fielders and one left fielder are the three outfielders right now. A centerfielder could make and outfield rotation possible, leaving one man to rest each game. So, the Royals have filled their roster well, and should have a good, maybe even division winning team this year.

My Prediction:95-67

1.Washington Nationals

The Nationals are just unbelieveable. Their rotataion is the best, with Stephen Stratsburg, Jordan Zimmermann, Doug Fister, Max Scherzer, Gio Gonzalez and Tanner Roark, some of them newly signed. Although they lost Adam LaRoche and Anthony Rendon is the only one left guarding the infield, they still should do well with that ace rotation. They also have a great bullpen, holding Matt Thornton and Drew Storen. Although they need to be flexble in centerfield, Jayson Werth, Nate McLouth, Ryan Zimmermann, Scott Hairston, Michael Taylor, and especially ready to have his best year yet, Bryce Harper leads the outfield and is a star hitter. It looks like although they have their holes, they have star hitters and aces in the rotation to help them dominate the MLB.

My Prediction:97-65

So, those are the end of my MLB rankings this year. Comment if you have a different opinion.

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