Yesterday’s Games:What Did I Think?

Here’s what I think about Sunday’s games seeing the parts I watched.

Cowboys at Packers

That stupid rule the NFL stated that made that Dez Bryant catch incomplete cost the Cowboys I was rooting for for the Patriots sake.  His catch along with a catch from a few years ago I recently saw Calvin Johnson make were both touchdowns, at least that’s what I thought.  Well, at first not the Johnson one but all he did was drop the ball after intentionally.  He spiked it as he entered the end zone.  I also saw some amazing Nelson and Cobb catches that were complete, along with the Terrance Williams touchdown that gave Dallas a surprising 14-7 lead.  However, Rodgers struggled against the Cowboys defense, getting sacked, throwing interceptions, even fumbling.  4th quarter, with four minutes left, 26-21 Packers.  For the Pack: a touchdown and a whopping 4 field goals, and only one touchdown for Dallas.  Mason Crosby, the Packers kicker and the slightly better Packers offense made the difference.  Apparently Dallas had to punt unless Dan Bailey, the Cowboys kicker was bad and missed field goals.  The Pack will go on to face Seattle.  I think they will and want them to win, even though I thought Dallas would be even better of an opponent, but now the game is over and Green Bay made it, soI hope they play us in the super bowl if we make it, hopefully we will.  Seattle’s a threat to us.

Colts at Broncos

The Colts clearly upset the Broncos.  21-13.  I also learned something new.  Connor Barth doesn’t do kickoffs.  Brandon McManus does.  He’s the kickoff specialist.  Julius Thomas has been held behind because of his injury, so the defense didn’t guard him.  The only Denver TD, Julius Thomas at the start.  7-0 Denver.  Next was Dwayne Allen.  Touchdown.  7-7.  Then another Colts touchdown by Hakeem Nicks the former New York Giants player, followed by a Denver field goal.  14-10.  Then another Colts touchdown, I think by TY Hilton.  I watched the game in tape delay without it recorded, and we changed the channel by accident, so it went to the 4th quarter, going from 21-10 to 21-13, I didn’t watch the third Indianapolis touchdown.   The Colts won by that touchdown, and I luckilly rooted for them, although my predictions have been better then my fandom so far.  I’m 7-1 predicting the playoffs, and only half of the teams we rooted for, luckilly the strongest being the Patriots, which was one of them, won.  The Pats play the Colts in the conference championship at home.  hey crushed them on the road.  But they do have Luck, however he is struggling, but they also got Moncrief noticed since.  But we still have Jonas Gray, who was a monster with 4 touchdowns the last time we played them, so I think we can win, but not another blowout, becuase Gray isn’t quite as good anymore, but it is because of Blount, who’s also good.

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