Bruins,Pastrnak Defeat Flyers

The Bruins David Pastrnak is the youngest player in the entire NHL, at age 18.  He was the guy who led the B’s to victory yesterday.  They have not lost since Jeremy Jacobs came out to say that the Bruins were playing too poorly for him.  I guess the team wanted to impress Jacobs, alright.  First period.  The Flyers, not the Bruins were on a power play.  They had one less man on the ice.  Then David Pastrnak scored, about halfway through that first period.  The second period was quiet.  No scoring.  The third period was full of action.  First, Pastrnak scored again with a snapshot.  The Flyers had the better one of two goalies, Emery and Steve Mason.  Steve Mason was the one in the goalpost.  Soon after, there was an amazing play.  The Bruins stole the puck, Chris Kelly gave it up.  But Chris Kelly got the puck back, and scored!!!!!  It was now 3-0 Bruins.  To end the game, sadly, Boston did not shut the Flyers out.  Claude Giroux scored for Philadlephia, the Bruins winning by the score of 3-1.  The Bruins next game is on Tuesday, at TD Garden against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Can they beat them to take over the division.  We’ll just have to wait and find out.

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