Patriots-Ravens:An Up And Down Game

I watched this game, every play.  I never thought the Patriots would win.  After only 5 minutes in the 1st quarter, the Ravens were up 14-0.  I thought that it was over for us, and our luck just isn’t in our favor when we play Baltimore.  We then quickly scored twice, Tom Brady running it for a touchdown, and Amendola catching one.  It was 14-14 for a while.  It was really dissapointing when the Ravens intercepted the ball, then scored a touchdown.  I was depressed.  At the half, I was pretty grumpy about what I saw.  In the 3rd quarter, the Ravens scored again, and fast.  At that point a friend of my dad’s named Derek who is anti-Patriots called to taunt our team.  28-14 Ravens.  Patriots now ON FIRE.  They marched down the field and Brady threw a touchdown to Gronk.  Now it was 28-21.  The Patriots got the ball back.  They soon after made the best play I have ever seen after watching football, following the NFL for almost six years.  Tom Brady threw backward to Edelman, so it wouldn’t be a penalty.  Then, Edelman went to the quarterback he was in college mode, passing to Danny Amendola for the most amazing touchdown, most amazing play I have ever seen in all sports in my lifetime.  That will be talked about for years.  That was followed by an interception by Devin McCourty, who they need to resign.  But, bad news came right after.  The Patriots went 3 and out.  The drive after the next one, the Ravens did the same.  But shortly after, it was 31-28 after a Baltimore field goal.  Then it was the same score.  4th quarter.  Five minutes to go.  Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LaFell!   35 to 31 Pats.  I was worried by how much clock was left.   But the Ravens lost the ball.  Turnover.  Recovered by the Patriots!  Just after the two minute warning.  They took a knee multiple times.  John Harbaugh called a timeout to stop the clock.  The Pats couldn’t take a knee anymore.  With 4 seconds to go, my heart was racing.  Joe Flacco attempted to throw a Hail Mary, but failed.  They won!  The Patriots actually won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So, the Patriots face the Broncos or Colts in the conference championship.  One step closer to my Pats super bowl win prediction being correct.  I’m hoping for the Colts, but predict the Broncos.   We’ll just have to watch.  GO PATRIOTS, it was one of the greatest games I have ever watched!

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