Bye Bye Birdie:Patriots-Ravens Preview

Today I have one question about the game.   It is, Will the Patriots overcome their past struggles against the Ravens?  Well, maybe Tom Brady not so much.  He stunk in Week 17 when he was playing at all and the offensive line is falling apart.  He could be a perfect sack target for Terrell Suggs along with Elvis Dumervil and CJ Mosley.  The Ravens are a new team though since the Super Bowl.  They’ve suffered losses, Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Ray Rice.  But Rice can still sign with any team, but the Ravens don’t need him. Justin Forsett played uselessly for the Jacksonville Jaguars last year, and became a new Ray Rice, a Ravens stud.  You can’t be sure our up and down defense can handle him.  More questions.  Who’s injured, inactive and active, Edelman, Blount, Connolly and Solder.   I just checked ESPN.  Edelman’s probable along with LaFell and the usual Tom Brady probable trick.  Jonas Gray is also probable.  Connolly and Solder, plus Blount and Kyle Arrington, all active.  Some also say Joe Flacco is the Ravens key.  Not.  The Ravens, especially Flacco, are going down.10469889_10206191134127795_988835859182295601_n-1
  Vince Wilfork and Rob Ninkovich should work together to sack him.  The Ravens are in trouble on offense.  The Ravens star linebackers are the Ravens game keys.  On New England, I say Revis, Browner, Ninkovich, Wilfork and Rob Gronkowski plus Stephen Gostkowski are all the Patriots keys to winning.  So it looks like they could actually have a relatively easy win.  Above is a picture us Patriots will laugh at and hope for that to happen.  So, take a look, and Bye Bye Birdie, Ravens fans.

2 thoughts on “Bye Bye Birdie:Patriots-Ravens Preview

  1. They won! After being behind the whole time! Hopefully we play the Colts, not Denver, but I don’t think that’s possible. Anyways, the game is definitely at Gillette.

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