Winter Classic Recap:Capitals win in Hometown

The Capitals had a big upset as Alex Ovechkin and crew faced the Chicago Blackhawks for the winter classic in Nationals Park of Washington DC.  Last year the Blackhawks were in it against the Penguins, nobody being in their home city.  This year, they were in it again, the Capitals having the home city advantage.  So, they ended up losing 3-2 to the Capitals in Washington, Alex Ovechkin being the top game leader.  It was a close game with not much to say.  So, Ovechkin scored a goal, along with Troy Brouwer and one unassisted goal near the start.  Patrick Sharp was the main guy on Chicago, also scoring the team one goal.    Brandon Saad got the remaining Chicago goal.  So, Ovechkin and Sharp led their teams almost to victory, but only one can win even a close game, and that’s what the Washington Capitals did to the Chicago Blackhawks in the annual Winter Classic game.

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