I Saw Ndamukong Suh On The Field Last Sunday

In Week 17, Ndamukong Suh stepped on opposing quarterback Aaron Rodgers, as the Lions lost to the Packers.  People suspected that Suh did it on purpose, which they realized he did.  He was originally suspended for this past weekend’s wild card game in Dallas.  However, Suh won his appeal Thursday and may now have a chance to play.  He could end up being a game time decision.  I personally thought Suh would play after winning his appeal, but I am unsure about how I felt about him playing.  You don’t step on people.  He knew the rules, he’s not new to the NFL.  It’s just wrong what he did.  Although he could’ve thought before he acted, everyone makes mistakes.  But this one cannot neccisarrily be fixed.  Suh might just not be a good person.  Up until now, I found nothing wrong with him, but come on.  He just doesn’t have a good heart I don’t think.  If they do give him a second chance to play, he better show it.  If he does something bad like that again, if I could, I would indefinitely suspend him, although since they can’t beat the Cowboys, all of the Lions’ seasons are over now.  I believe in second chances, especially for adults.  Well, for kids and adults depending on what they do.  But if he does something bad again, then I’ll think he’s just a dirty player.  So give him one more chance is what I say, but with just one more suspendable action, I say SCRAM!!!!, Ndamukong Suh!

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