Fantasy Football:2014 Recap

This league is what held me back from posting during a nearly empty November, and I tried to talk about it on the blog when I noticed my posting drought.  I just started posting again on weekends and vacations in December.  With this over, I can post a lot more for the upcoming year, the second on my blog.  But I decided to tell you about this fun league that held me back from posting.  I was in a frenzy in early September to quickly get together our league, I will plan ahead and try to post more about it and other stuff.  I had the draft the Saturday before the next day’s game day.  I quickly drafted and set my first lineup that morning.  Around Week 5 is when my posting drought began, as I started a balanced scorecard for my tough lineup decisions, and it took up hours and hours of my after school and weekend time, which slowed my blogging down.  I couldn’t ever finish my NFL in detail post, not to mention NBA and NHL, which I was going to do.  Also, after a good start, the weighted scoring slowed my team down, up until Saturday night on Week 11.  My brother was ahead of me, he didn’t even manage his team, my dad did it for him with my assistance.  Except when I played him, he set his own lineup then. We started using a quick computerized spreadsheet and soon after, yay, I started blogging again. Two people didn’t touch fantasy, one of them my brother, and one person tanking late. Next year, we’ll be mor prepared, my dad and brother will merge, and I might even ask some more people to join if some of last year’s players quit. So, happy 2015, and it’s been a great fantasy football and blogging year for me, and hopefully it’ll be the same for you. Also, I just noticed a typo that reminded me of something. I typed ben instead of been, and that’s the name of somebody I might ask to join, although he already has his own league, which may mean even more players in ours.

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