Patriots:Embarrasing Loss to Bills

How can they lose to the Bills? The Patriots being a red hot 1st seed playoff team, even resting their guys, it was depressing to see them lose to a team who wasn’t made the playoffs in years. All the Pats could do was score field goals, but I liked Jimmy Garroppollo’s performance. Until he got sacked, it seemed as if he could get out of any situation. CJ Spiller was finally back at full health, but so was Chandler Jones, the Pats defensive end. After an upset win and the first season above .500 in a while, Kyle Orton, who could have played a longer career, officially annouced his retirement to end the NFL’s 2014 regular season. The Pats also lost Nate Solder in the game, already seeing wide receiver Julian Edelman and left guard Dan Connolly on the bench. Also, Tom Brady resigned with the Patriots for a little longer, so he’s not going yet. But he changed his deal to save money for free agents at the end of the season, cornerback Darrelle Revis, running back Shane Vereen, strong safety Devin McCourty and kicker Stephen Gostkowski. I doubted they would keep all four, but what Brady did might make me think otherwise. Besides, not many NFL players have a wife who makes more for a living then themselves, while Brady married a world famous supermodel, who shouldn’t make as much as they do. Well, hopefully by next gameday our Patriots can get back to business. Happy 2015, and go Patriots. I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my blog for my first year, starting in March 2014, filled with 203 posts.

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