Fantasy Week 2 Power Rankings

1.Andrew’s Hunters:2-0-Became 2-0 in a comeback on Monday night vs Ryan’s Lions

2.Max:1-1-Was upset by Justin’s Warriors who made some wise moves moving their bench that did amazing to the starting lineup to score 90 points.

3.Fluffy:1-1-Team Kelleher upset them to get a 2-0 record

4.Team Kelleher:2-0-I can’t believe this team is 2-0 after facing Fluffy

5.Ryan’s Lions:1-1-Zach Ertz scored no touchdowns and they struggled to keep up Monday night

6.Justin’s Warriors:1-1-Nice moves with the lineup. It’s either that Justin made good moves or that Andrew’s Hunters are superstars.

7.Green Eggs and Graham:1-1-Nice performance by this team in Week 2

8.James/Paul:1-1-Scored record in a game 135 points vs the Krazy Kens

9.Krazy Kens:1-1-Struggled greatly vs James/Paul and should have started the Patriots defense.

10.Joe & Larry:0-2-What happened to them vs Josh?

11.Josh:1-1-Upset Joe & Larry and almost beat the Krazy Kens for a near 2-0 record.

12.Ryan Jennings:0-2-With the loss of Adrain Peterson, they’re in big trouble.

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