In Detail:Cleveland Browns

This is my 13th post in my NFL in detail post series this September. Can the Browns really do that much better with future star quarterback Johnny Manziel? Not as much as I thought back in May after the draft. I had said Manziel will be more NFL ready than any other rookie. Now I’d say that Sammy Watkins is the most NFL ready and that Johnny Football will be good, but it will take a few weeks before he’s ready to be called Cleveland’s starter. Ben Tate and Josh Gordon when he’s back are going to be main targets of Hoyer that will lift the Browns. My prediction for the Cleveland Crew is to be in 4th place in the in the AFC North with a 8-8 record while being ranked in the 20 position overall. I think Johnny Football is screwed this year, but he next couple of years will be a different story. Will Cleveland be a contender, not for a while but he could get over the .500 mark and maybe even into 2nd place in the AFC North.

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