How Will The Red Sox improve more for 2015?

The Red Sox could start an offensive run towards the end of the season while youth gets added to the rotation.I think that the starters will be:Buchholz,De La Rosa,Kelly,Webster,Ranaudo.I say we need some more experienced starters.During the offseason,think about signing Max Scherzer,James Shields,Cole Hamels or David Price.Price is now on Detroit but still a trade target and the other three are free agents to end the year.Also go for Giancarlo Stanton to play alongside Allen Craig.We also got prospects Kelly Johnson and Eduardo Rodriguez.The lineup I think will be Bradley Jr.,CF,Pedroia,2B,Ortiz,DH,Napoli,1B,Cespedes,RF,Craig,LF,
Bogaerts,SS,Middlebrooks,3B,Vazquez,C.On the bench you have Ross,Carp,Nava,Victorino and Brock Holt.Brock Holt has to be in the majors but he’s slumping.They plan on playing him once a week in 3B,SS and CF.In the offseason I say get Stanton and rotate the outfielders.Have Mookie Betts play infield if he comes up because now we have plenty of important outfielders.In the rotation,I think next year it will be Hamels,Buchholz,Kelly,De La Rosa and Webster.The bullpen should have Breslow,Tazawa,Uehara,Hembree,Escobar,Rodriguez and Workman.On the 40 man roster,keep,Herrera,Wright,Ranaudo,Wilson,Brentz,Cecchini,
Barnes,Swihart,Owens,Hassan,Butler,Britton,Lavarnway,Betts and Tommy Layne.Predictions?85-77 this year,94-68 next year.So,the Red Sox made roster moves and could make some more.

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