All Star Game Projected Starting Lineups

Now that the all star game rosters are in,I decided to update my all star game predictions to lineups.Here they are
American League
1.Mike Trout LF Los Angeles Angels
2.Robinson Cano 2B Seattle Mariners
3.Miguel Cabrera 1B Detroit Tigers
4.Jose Bautista RF. Toronto Blue Jays
5.Derek Jeter SS New York Yankees
6.Nelson Cruz. DH Baltimore Orioles
7.Salvador Perez C Kansas City Royals
8.Josh Donaldson 3B Oakland Athletics
9.Adam Jones CF Baltimore Orioles

National League
1.Andrew McCutchen CF Pittsburgh Pirates
2.Paul Goldschmidt 1B Arizona Diamondbacks
3.Chase Utley 2B Philadelphia Phillies
4.Yasiel Puig RF Los Angeles Dodgers
5.Troy Tulowitzki SS Colorado Rockies
6.Yadier Molina C St. Louis Cardinals
7.Carlos Gomez LF Milwaukee Brewers
8.Aramis Ramirez 3B Milwaukee Brewers
9.Clayton Kershaw P Los Angeles Dodgers

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