2020 NFL Draft Report Cards: AFC South Edition

As I said yesterday, my NFL draft report card series will be continuing in the coming weeks along side my new column, the Return of Sports. Today, I have draft reviews for every AFC South team.

NFL Draft Report Cards 2020

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Jacksonville Jaguars: B+

The Jaguars had a pretty good draft, filling majority of their positional needs. The early selections of C.J. Henderson and Davon Hamilton fill major needs, as Hamilton replaces Calais Campbell (traded) and Henderson adds depth to a DB corps that needs it. Jake Luton is an interesting addition to the QB room, but I find it interesting that they didn’t even consider top tier QBs in this draft. I think this will definitely be a “prove it” season for Gardner Minshew, because the Jags can tank for Trevor Lawrence if Minshew struggles. I like the K’Lavon Chaisson pick, as it provides insurance if Yannick Ngakoue holds out or leaves Jacksonville. I would have probably drafted a running back as Leonard Fournette insurance too, and I would’ve drafted a safety earlier, but overall the Jaguars did pretty well.

Tennessee Titans: B

The Titans have a pretty balanced roster, so there wasn’t much they needed out of this draft. They got very good value by taking the best player available, Kristian Fulton in Round 2, a smart move considering the Titans don’t have any glaring positional needs to fill. They filled their biggest needs, o-line and d-line, and got some good value along the day. I wasn’t a huge fan of their later round picks, and it’s hard to knock a draft out of the park when it’s unclear what the team needed out of this draft in the first place. But if I were Mike Vrabel, I’d be satisfied with this draft class.

Houston Texans: B-

Bill O’Brien made some pretty questionable moves throughout the off-season, and this draft class was far from perfect. But I do have to give O’Brien some credit for starting the draft off strong with his Day 2 selections. Blacklock and Greenard provide Houston with great value on players that will help fill two of the team’s biggest defensive needs. Even with J.J. Watt leading the way, this Texans defense is depleted, and this draft class helped improve it.

However, instead of following it up by fixing the o-line and drafting a better tight end, the Texans made some questionable choices on Day 3. I understand the Charlie Heck selection, but they want Heck to play guard, and IOL Netane Muti was still on the board. CB John Reid was far from worthy of a 4th rounder, and the Texans are fairly well off at corner. The Coulter pick was also a bit of a reach, though it’s understandable that the team wanted a good mid-range receiver to help play a part in replacing DeAndre Hopkins, something that cannot be done by a single player. These selections were okay, but there were much better options on the board, and QB Deshaun Watson is left without much extra protection headed into the season.

Indianapolis Colts: C+

The Colts made a lot of questionable decisions in this draft. Michael Pittman Jr., the team’s first pick was far from the best WR left on the board, and there were many other players the Colts reached on. I can respect the selection of QB Jacob Eason, but many of these other selections made little sense. The Colts did fill their biggest needs, but they waited on most of their need-filling until Day 3, and it wasn’t like they received amazing value out of their Day 2 selections to make up for this fact. This draft class isn’t outright terrible, but it’s definitely flawed.

That’s all for this portion of my NFL draft report cards. Stay tuned for AFC West draft grades, as well as an update on the Return of Sports in the coming days.

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