2019 March Madness Bracketology 1.0: What’s Changed Since “February Frenzy”

I know, aside from a quick post sharing my latest Harbinger article about my high school’s basketball team, it’s been a while.  Since the Super Bowl, I have been busy with schoolwork, preparing for an upcoming keynote speech I will be delivering at the Visions of Community Conference in March.  But this week, I’m on February Vacation.  I was planning on doing a Super Bowl recap, and there’s a lot you can say about the Patriots defensive dominance and Tom Brady’s sixth ring, but other than that, it was a dull game.  Honestly, if the Pats hadn’t won, I would probably be wondering why I wasted 4 hours of my life watching such a dull football game.  I definitely overhyped it, but so did everyone else.

Normally, this time of year is a dull time for sports fans.  Football is over, baseball hasn’t started yet, and the NBA and NHL are still in the regular season.  But with Bryce Harper and Manny Machado still on the market, the AAF continuing football after February, Spring Training starting and March Madness coming right around the corner, I have plenty to write about.  This week, I will be covering a few different things, starting today with a March Madness bracketology.  Later this week, I will likely have some MLB coverage (either something on the remaining free agents or season predictions depending on when Harper and Machado sign), and maybe even some AAF coverage.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Celtics and Bruins.  The Celtics do have a big game this Thursday against the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Bruins are on a 4 game win streak, gathering momentum they’ll need tomorrow in San Jose.

But today, I will be sharing my first March Madness bracketology of the season.  About a week ago, the bracket committee released a Bracket Preview that was called “February Frenzy” by some.  This is what it turned out like:

Image result for ncaa top 16 2019

I did release my own Top 16 on the day of as well:



What has changed this week, and what would the rest of the bracket look like?  Keep reading to see what I think.  Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and predictions.

That’s all for my first bracketology of 2019.  Stay tuned for more March Madness coverage soon.

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