NFL 2018 Predictions: Year of Extremes

Football is finally back! The Eagles and Falcons game is already underway. This year, for my NFL Predictions, I have put a video on my YouTube:

I have made a few updates since this video was published in August, especially because of the Khalil Mack trade.



Ravens: 6-10 —> 7-9

Raiders: 12-4 —> 11-5

Lions: 4-12 —> 3-13

Bears: 1-15 —> 4-12

Rams: 9-7 —> 8-8

Seahawks: 5-11 —> 4-12


Playoff Predictions

Steelers: 4th seed —> 3rd seed

Chargers: 6th seed —> 4th seed

Raiders: 3rd seed —> 6th seed


Wild Card:

PIT over JAX —> PIT over OAK

OAK over LAC —> JAX over LAC


Divisional Round:

NE over PIT —> NE over JAX

HOU over OAK —> HOU over PIT


Stay tuned for more NFL articles soon, including my final episode of Gonk Knocks and my NFL Week 1 Picks.

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