Instant Debate: Rafael Devers Call-Up 

Red Sox top prospect Rafael Devers was called up on Sunday.  He is expected to be in the lineup on Tuesday night.  Is this a good move or bad move? 

Well, I don’t like the move.  Despite the fact that Deven Marrero and Brock Holt have done nothing in the lineup, I just don’t like the idea of rushing Devers to the majors.  Yoan Moncada was rushed up to the MLB and he failed to produce for the Sox.  I would’ve been more comfortable with a move at the deadline.  Try and trade some prospects away for a starting third baseman.  Let’s just hope Devers does well for us this week.  If he doesn’t, a trade is still an option.  I might even trade away Devers if he does well, sell him high.  The question is, will Devers be a better option then the third baseman that are available right now in the trade market?  We’ll just have to wait and see what the Sox do.  

I trust Dave Dombrowski to do what’s best for this team.  

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