Dingers, Big Hits, Lead Red Sox to Outscore Rays

The Red Sox topped the Rays 6-3 on Saturday.  Chris Sale got the win and is now 4-2 with a 2.15 ERA.  The game started pretty quietly when neither team got a hit in the 1st.  But Chris Sale gave up his first hit in the second to Logan Morrison.  It wasn’t just any hit though, it was a big home run for the Rays and they were on top 1-0.  

However, after Sale was a machine in the 3rd, striking out the side, the Red Sox bit back when Mookie Betts nailed a 2-run homer over the monster.  

Sale did not give up another hit until the 5th.  But that hit was another home run, this one hit by Kevin Kiermaier!  Sale had only given up 2 hits, but they were both home runs, and the Rays led 3-2.  

The Red Sox weren’t going to put up with losing to a team like that though.  Sandy Leon walked again, just as he had before Betts’ dinger.  Then Jackie Bradley Jr., who hadn’t hit a double in 8 months, nailed one off the green monster to put two runners in scoring position.  Then Deven Marrero hit the first double of his career, and it went so high up that it was almost a home run!  Bradley and Leon scored, and the Red Sox were back on top.  

That hit was followed up by Mookie Betts crushing a double, which knocked in Marrero!  The Red Sox now led 5-3 and they weren’t done!  Mookie Betts scored on Xander Bogaerts’ groundout.  The Red Sox now had a secure 3-run lead through 5 innings.  

Sale finished up the next two innings, then our bullpen took care of the rest.  The Sox won 6-3.  Sale finished with 12 strikeouts, and Joe Kelly and Craig Kimbrel each struck out 2 of the batters in the innings they pitched.  

Chris Sale is getting close to breaking a record for most games in a row with double digit strikeout totals.  He’s done it in 7 straight games, and the only other pitchers to do that are Randy Johnson and Nolan Ryan.  Those are Hall of Famers.  If Sale breaks the record, do you think he’ll be inducted later?  I think it’s possible.  Sale has been playing at a better level then Greg Maddux did when he switched teams, so far at least.  Will he burn out later this season, or will his stellar season continue?  

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