Happy Anniversary Boston Sports Mania!

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3 years ago today, I started this blog.  You can read that story below:

This is How It All Got Started

But this year I have a different story to tell.  It’s about how far I’ve come, not just on this blog, but all around.  If you’ve seen my About Page, you’d know that I was diagnosed with autism.  When I was two, the doctors said I would never speak.  You may be wondering, how did I get from there to here?  Well, after trying constantly to find me help, my parents found NECC (The New England Center for Children).  I got into their home program, and a year later, thanks to many great teachers, I was reading and talking.  One teacher that I’d like to thank especially is Stacey Croeber, my teacher back then, and a close family friend now.

Over the years, it’s been hard for me to overcome my challenges, but when I push myself, I learned I could do anything.  By the time I was 10, I had become an avid sports fan and reader.  I was at the local library and found a book about starting a blog.  I decided to take my sports knowledge online.  That’s how this blog was started.  Since then, my writing has gotten me some great experiences.

I’ve sat in the press box at a Bruins game and gotten that article about it onto Bruins.com. I’ve gotten a private tour of the Boston Herald.   I’ve won a skiing trip through the Doug Flutie Foundation when they were impressed by my writing.  I’ve even had my Baseball Bits on Felger & Mazz.

I’d like to thank all my viewers for the support.  The main reason I do this is because this is my dream job, and I’m grateful to be supported in doing this.  One thing that’s really been helpful is attending Play By Play Camps, a national Sports Broadcasting Camp.  It’s been a nice 3 years, and I’m eager to keep going.

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