On To The Super Bowl: Pats Find Rhythm, Rout Steelers

The Patriots had themselves a big win, topping the Steelers 36-17. Tom Brady had a huge game. He threw for almost 400 yards. More than half of the yards went to Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan, who combined for 280 yards and 3 TDs. The Steelers just couldn’t put up points.  
The Pats defense messed up Pittsburgh’s style of play. They prevented big plays and held Pittsburgh to 2 TDs and a field goal. The Steelers needed to score TDs to beat the Pats. The Patriots offense was unbelievable. Between trick plays, and lots of passing, they really tired out Pittsburgh’s secondary. The Pats even pulled off a flea flicker that went for a Chris Hogan touchdown. The Steelers struggled in the red zone, and struggled to make big plays under the pressure of the Pats D.  
The Pats got to a fast start. They tried a new strategy, accepting the ball and going no huddle early on. They made a huge completion to Julian Edelman for 41 yards. It was mostly yards after the catch, which the Patriots lead in this season. However, the Pats were held to a field goal. But a couple of drives later, the Pats took a bigger lead after a TD to Chris Hogan.  
Just after the quarter ended, the Steelers scored their first touchdown. Their drive lacked big plays, but the Steelers slowly moved downfield, even with Le’Veon Bell hurt. Bell injured his groin early, and missed the rest of the game.
When the Pats got the ball back, they responded. The Pats got a first down at the 34, and then the unbelievable happened. It looked like Brady was going to run to Dion Lewis again, but Lewis flicked it back, and Brady found Hogan for a touchdown!! Even Hogan tricked the Steelers on the flea flicker. He started the play moving leisurely but started to speed to the end zone just as Lewis flicked it back.  

The Steelers struggled to get to the end zone next drive, but scored a field goal right before halftime. It was 17-9 Pats. The Steelers wanted to try and double score, but New England wouldn’t let them. The Steelers instead went 3 and out. In addition to that, the Pats scored a field goal on the next drive to extend their lead!
The next time the Patriots got the ball back, Tom Brady reached 300 passing yards on a 39 yard pass to Chris Hogan. It’s his 11th career postseason 300-yard game, tying a Peyton Manning record. Hogan also broke a receiving record. Blount came in, starting what looked like a rush for a first down, but then he pushed through five Steelers defenders to get to the 1. The next play, he ran in the TD. 27-9 Pats.  

The Pats got the ball right back as well. On the first Steelers play, Kyle Van Noy knocked the ball out of wide receiver Eli Rogers’ hands after he had caught it, and Rob Ninkovich recovered it! The Pats quickly scored another touchdown, this time to Julian Edelman. However, the extra point was no good.  
The Steelers tried to respond, but the Steelers were stopped in the red zone. They went for it on 4th down, but still couldn’t score. The next time Pittsburgh had the ball, Eric Rowe made a huge interception!! He caught as if he was the receiver, than returned it for 37 yards!  

The Pats were held to a field goal after a Tom Brady sack, despite a good drive. It was 36-9. On their next drive, Pittsburgh trekked to the end zone for another touchdown. They even made the 2 point conversion. But it wasn’t nearly enough.  
All the Pats needed was a first down.

 Then after the two-minute warning, it was all over. The Pats won 36-17. They will advance to Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, who somehow blew out Green Bay before the Pats game.  
It’s official, the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons will compete in Super Bowl LI.  

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