2016 Sports Year In Review

2016 was a great year in sports.  Today I’ll be talking about the highlights in sports this year.  Also, if you have been checking back regularly or followed me this year, I’d like to thank you.  2016 has been the biggest year for Boston Sports Mania so far, with over 5,000 views from over 3,000 people throughout the year.  

Now, let’s go back to some of the best sports moments of 2016.  
Note: The Numbers Next to The Stories Show if They Made the Top 10 Stories of the year.  I will show that full list at the end.  
January 2016

Bruins host Winter Classic

The Bruins hosted the 2016 Winter Classic at Gillette Stadium for the first time in a while.  Even with the Canadiens battling injuries, the Bruins fell to Montreal, 3-2.  

Patriots Advance to Playoffs with No. 2 Seed 

The Patriots were upset by the Dolphins in Week 17.  Hopefully, this won’t happen again in 2016 but the Patriots did have good news come out of this.  They still advanced to the playoffs for the 8th straight year.  

After Big Win Over Chiefs, Pats fall to Denver in AFC Championship 

This was a historic game.  It was the final match between Brady and Manning.  It was a good game worth noting as a good Boston sports moment.  The Pats stayed in it the whole time, but their 2015 team just couldn’t keep up.  I think this year’s team is a lot better, and Denver is QB-less now after a fail in free agency.  But this loss caused me to stop blogging for 2 weeks.  It was heart-breaking for many Pats fans. 

February 2016

Broncos defeat Panthers in 50th Super Bowl (8)

I don’t care how it ended, this is historic. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl.  The Broncos really were the best last year, even though the Panthers looked like it.  The Pats could’ve beaten the Panthers, because like Carolina’s shown this season, they have flaws. 

Avery Bradley Makes Game Winning Shot As Celtics Defeat Cavs (5)

This was a great game.  You would expect the Cavs to annihilate the Celtics but Avery Bradley made a last minute shot that won the Celtics the game.  

Jerod Mayo and many other NFL legends retire

Patriots LB Jerod Mayo, along with Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch, Raiders S Charles Woodson, Lions WR Calvin Johnson, Steelers TE Heath Miller and Broncos QB Peyton Manning and many others retired from the NFL after the 2015 season.  It was sad to see them go, but they had their time to shine, and in a couple months, many more stars would enter the NFL.  

March 2016

Patriots Sign Chris Long and Chris Hogan, Trade for Martellus Bennett

The Patriots were beginning to fine-tune their team to make sure they had improved after losing in the AFC Championship last year.  They also hired Dante Scarnecchia to get their o-line in shape.  

April 2016
Villanova wins NCAAM Championship

Villanova surprised me when they won the March Madness tournament.  My pick, Michigan State, got upset very early on.  

Celtics clinch Playoffs 

The Celtics advanced to the playoffs after a much better season.  The question was, how far would they go? 
Red Sox look iffy to begin season

The Red Sox made a lot of offseason moves to make sure a better season was underway, but it was a rough start as they split the series with the Indians.  David Price looked good in game one, but things went south in game two.  Game three was postponed by rain.  

Celtics lose to Hawks in quarterfinals 

The Celtics didn’t make it any further than last year.  They had a problem when Isaiah Thomas was out, and ended up losing to the Hawks, ending their season.  

Brady’s Suspension Reinistated By Court 

Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension was reinistated.  I thought DeflateGate would be over.  At first I found this stupid.  

Pats Select Jacoby Brissett, Cyrus Jones, Joe Thuney and Malcolm Mitchell in 2016 NFL Draft 

Most of these selections paid off. RB Ezekiel Elliott, QB Dak Prescott, QB Carson Wentz, TE Hunter Henry, DE Joey Bosa and CB Jalen Ramsey were also good draft picks around the league.  

May 2016

JBJ Goes on 28 Game Hitting Streak (3)

The Red Sox lineup was on fire at this point in the season and was winning the Sox more game.  However David Price was struggling, and a weak rotation became a problem.  
June 2016

Red Sox Select Jason Groome in MLB Draft

Groome was originally one of the top pitchers in the draft but fell due to reports of anger issues.  

Cavs Beat Warriors In Second NBA Finals Series 

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat out the Warriors this time, getting them back for the 2015 NBA Finals.  Stephen Curry was out for a lot of the playoffs, and the Warriors just weren’t at their best, even after a 73-9 regular season.  

Celtics Select Jaylen Brown in NBA Draft 

After missing out on the Top 2 picks in the lottery, the Celtics went with Brown over Kris Dunn, Dragan Bender or Buddy Hield.  The Top 2 picks left the option of the 2 clear best guys, Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram.  

Xander Bogaerts goes on 26 game hitting streak (4)

The Red Sox lineup continued to do well through June as the entire team began to look better heading into the all star break.  

July 2016

Bruins Sign David Backes

Backes has been in some of the Bruins’ 2016-17 starting lines, at center or wing. 
Celtics Sign Al Horford, but miss out on Kevin Durant (7)

This is pretty ironic considering the Celts lost to the Hawks in the playoffs.  I thought Kevin Durant knew better than to sign with the Warriors.  I still think that move was dumb by him, although it does pay off for Golden State.  
Red Sox Have 6 Players to Represent Themselves in AL ASG win

David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, JBJ and Xander Bogaerts started and knuckleballer Steven Wright and closer Craig Kimbrel also made it.  

Red Sox Trade for Aaron Hill, Brad Ziegler, Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Abad as trade deadline approaches (10)

The Red Sox made a large series of trades in July.  Some helped lead them to the playoffs and others didn’t work out.  They gave up a lot of players.  
Mookie Betts wins AL Player of the Month 

This was a big achievement for Mookie, who had been playing hard all month long.  He really succeeded in July. 
Tim Duncan Retires Along With Former Celtics Paul Pierce and Ray Allen

All of these players had legendary careers, and it’s sad to see them go.  

August 2016

Tom Brady takes his suspension, ends DeflateGate for good 

This was a very interesting choice by Brady.  Jimmy Garoppolo did well in his absence, and then he got hurt, and they had to deal with Jacoby Brissett starting for a couple games.  
Red Sox Call Up Andrew Benintendi 

Benintendi made a big splash when called up and will be a big part of Boston’s future.  He was a very good use of their 2015 1st round pick.  
Mookie Betts wins Player of the Month again

Betts continued his hot streak in August, and it paid off.  Many people thought this would lead up to Mookie Betts winning the MVP.  
September 2016

Patriots Trade for Eric Rowe

Rowe has been a big contributor to the secondary this season.  
Jimmy Garoppolo Gets Hurt 2 Games In, but Jacoby Brissett Shuts Out Texans

Maybe the future for the Pats won’t be so bad after all under such a good coach.  
Red Sox Clinch AL East, Playoffs (9)

The Red Sox had a great season.  There lineup was on fire and their rotation got better as the year went on.  
October 2016

Tom Brady Returns Strong from His Suspension 

After Jacoby Brissett got shutout by the Bills in his second game, Tom Brady had a great first month back, winning games against three AFC North foes.  
Red Sox lose in ALDS to Indians

Tom Brady was able to beat out the Browns in Cleveland, but the Indians were much tougher, and the Sox couldn’t hold on.  

November 2016

Indians go on to World Series, but lose 
The Cubs really were the best 2016 team although the Indians surprised many for a while.  
Dion Lewis Returns, But Brady and Pats lose 2nd game to Seahawks

Seattle got revenge on the Patriots for beating them in Super Bowl XLIX.  Dion Lewis made more contributions in the next game.  

Celtics Start Slow After Losing Crowder, Horford to Injuries Early

The Celtics have since done a lot better, but it was tough for them to start the year.  

Giovani Bernard Tears ACL

This took a big hit on my fantasy team, and was one of a few injuries that did.  

Rick Porcello Wins Cy Young (2)

Porcello truly bounced back from a horrendous first season.  

Andrew’s Hunters (my fantasy team) clinches up playoffs

It was a great year for my team.  I went 9-4, won my division, and grabbed the 2nd seed.  
December 2016
Tom Brady gets 201st win, breaks record for most wins (1)

This is another historic milestone in Brady’s career.  If the Pats win the Super Bowl this year, he will be considered the best football player ever.  

Rob Gronkowski loses his season to back surgery

Gronk is a great player, but he’s injury prone, and this injury proved it.  Martellus Bennett really stepped it up in his place. 

Pats get revenge on Broncos, rout Jets to wrap up great December

The Pats have historically been good in December, and these wins continued that trend.  

Red Sox Trade for Chris Sale (6)

This was big move that will really help the Red Sox’s rotation.  
Red Sox Sign Mitch Moreland

Moreland should be able to take over at DH throughout the season, unless the Papi returns rumors are true.  
Pats clinch playoff berth, division and first round bye 

Most people were expecting this, but the first round bye is big.
Andrew’s Hunters advances to fantasy Super Bowl

This was a big win for the Hunters, but I lost in my last fantasy Super Bowl in 2014. 
Derek Carr, T.J. Yeldon and Charles Sims placed on IR, Malcolm Mitchell doubtful

Andrew’s Hunters isn’t looking great going into Week 17, but has a 13 point lead.  
The Top 10

10. Red Sox Trade for Aaron Hill, Brad Ziegler, Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Abad as trade deadline approaches

9. Red Sox Clinch AL East, Playoffs 

8. Broncos defeat Panthers in 50th Super Bowl

7. Celtics Sign Al Horford, but miss out on Kevin Durant

6. Red Sox Trade for Chris Sale

5. Avery Bradley Makes Game Winning Shot As Celtics Defeat Cavs

4. Xander Bogaerts goes on 26 game hitting streak

3. JBJ Goes on 28 Game Hitting Streak

2. Rick Porcello Wins Cy Young

1. Tom Brady gets 201st win, breaks record for most wins

2016 was a historic year in sports.  Happy New Year!

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