NFL Week 12 Picks

It was kind of a hectic week. Three games already took place on Thanksgiving, and the Lions-Vikings game went to Detroit as expected, but in a much different way then I would have thought. The week has some watchable games, and others not so much. But it’s time for Week 12 picks. Who will win? Who will not? Read the article and give me feedback in the comments.  

Lock Of The Week

Texans, 24, Chargers, 23

I know the Texans defense has lost steam without J.J. Watt, but the Chargers offense is injury riddled and now struggling.  In addition, the Texans offense has drastically improved with Lamar Miller on fire, and DeAndre Hopkins finding the end zone again.  They may not have the best QB, or tight end, but their offense has the capacity to score 30 points a game.  The Chargers defense isn’t so great either.  I know this is a little close score-wise for a lock, but I’m telling you right now the Texans will hold the lead tight, regardless of how big a lead it is and what the score is.  Expect Houston’s offense to overwhelm San Diego and the Chargers offense to struggle against a decent Texans D. 
Upset Of The Week

Chiefs, 19, Broncos, 16

See the picture?  What’s happening to Peyton Manning here will happen to Trevor Siemian tonight.  The Chiefs defense is nearly as good as Denver’s.  Even though the Chiefs offense will again be without Jeremy Maclin, the Broncos still have some problems at QB.  Even though Trevor Siemian has done so well, he is sack prone and we could see Paxton Lynch replace him after this game.  Alex Smith has a better running game, which will get them the slight offensive advantage they need to win.  The Chiefs also have a reliable tight end in Travis Kelce.  Denver’s receivers are better, but it’s hard to throw to them when worrying about being stuffed.  Alex Smith isn’t as sack prone.  He’s a very mobile QB.  That will work highly in favor of the Chiefs, most likely securing them a win in a somewhat low scoring game.  A little thing like that is enough of an offensive push for them to top the Broncos currently troubled offense.  
The Other Scores

Cardinals, 34, Falcons, 27

Bills, 23, Jaguars, 22

Titans, 27, Bears, 13

Giants, 24, Browns, 19

Dolphins, 24, 49ers, 16

Saints, 30, Rams, 24

Ravens, 26, Bengals, 16

Seahawks, 19, Buccaneers, 13

Raiders, 27, Panthers, 23

Patriots, 30, Jets, 13

Eagles, 47, Packers, 37

Thursday’s Games
Lions, 26, Vikings, 23

Cowboys, 33, Redskins, 32

Steelers, 30, Colts, 27

Comment your thoughts on my picks.  Who do you have in this week’s games?  Do you agree with my lock and upset?  

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