Super Bowl 50 Preview: Bigger Game Than You Might Think

It’s time for Super Bowl 50!  The big game will be held on CBS at 6:40 PM EST.  Are you ready for this historical milestone in super bowl history?  Well here’s the ultimate preview for Broncos vs. Panthers!  I bet most of you, especially if you’re a Pats fan, are saying, “Oh the Panthers are going to crush it.”  They’ve won all but one game this season!!!  Come on this is a done deal!!  But don’t underestimate the match-up.  The Broncos have a good case.  Their defense is an absolute powerhouse that has the ability to slow down the Panthers surprisingly good offense.

In a historic game, two overpowered teams square off. 

Cam Newton has had the ultimate breakout year, Jonathan Stewart has improved, and what was expected to be an empty receiving game has showed up.  However, Denver has a strong offense as well.  Peyton Manning may be washed up but the receiving game is still strong.  If C.J. Anderson’s late season surge keeps up, the Denver offense could kick some serious butt.

The Carolina defense does have something to prove.  Peyton Manning could be a serious sack target and Denver’s streaky running backs have had fumble issues.  This is an all or nothing game.  Maybe Denver’s defense dominates the Panthers keeping their score somewhat low but Denver’s offense struggles.  What if Denver’s defense does well, but Carolina’s offense does better and edges Denver’s?  There are several opportunities for a close game.

Keys To The Game


  1. Peyton Manning, the running backs and the tight ends need to play like the strong wide receivers do.  This offense is kind of good but shaky.
  2. The Broncos need to win the turnover game.  Sacks, fumbles and interceptions have all been issues in Denver.
  3. The defense needs to do its normal thing and hold the Panthers offense to less than 30 points.  Then if the offense is strong, they can jump ahead.


  1. The secondary needs to contain the Broncos’ strong point in their offense, the wide receivers.  The Panthers secondary has Josh Norman but is the weakest part of the defense.
  2. They need to keep doing what they’ve been doing all season.  Whatever it is, they need to keep their cool.
  3. The offense needs to watch out for this tough penetrating Denver defensive front and protect Cam Newton so he can do his magic running and passing.


Game predictions:

Score: 27-24 Panthers

The Panthers know how to score touchdowns.  They know how to start a game.  The Broncos know how to play clutch defense.  They also know how to play a 4th quarter.  But the Broncos have their holes and that leads me to believe that the Panthers will score enough to edge out the Broncos.

I think the Panthers will start bold with a touchdown to Jonathan Stewart on just their second drive.  They will continue the scoring with a drive towards the end of the 1st, a field goal from Graham Gano, as the Denver defense keeps them out of the end zone.  The Denver offense will struggle early on but DeMaryius Thomas will gain some good yardage.  The Panthers will keep it up with a passing TD for Cam Newton in the 2nd so watch for some serious dabbing.  17-0 at the half.

After halftime adjustments, the Broncos will find a way to march down the field and Peyton Manning will toss a quick TD to his best receiver.  The Panthers will struggle to produce offense this quarter as the Denver defense turns up the heat getting pressure on Cam Newton.  Denver will score another TD, rushing this time.  The Broncos fiery quarter will end with them trailing, 17-14.  But the Broncos will finish their drive in the start of the 4th, scoring a third touchdown.  Then the Panthers will answer as they march to the end zone in a strong, 4 minute drive.  The Panthers defense starts to make some plays next drive and Denver will settle for a field goal.

The Panthers will have another good start to their next drive, but due to bad field position will settle for a long field goal.  The Broncos kicker Brandon McManus will blow the game by missing a field goal attempt on their next drive.  The Panthers will get the ball back and just need one first down to end the game, and they get it!!!  With a couple of kneel downs by Cam Newton, the Panthers close it out 27-24.

Predicted Score By Quarter

SB50       1          2          3         4        TOTAL

               Broncos      0        0       14      10        24

               Panthers     7       10        0      10        27

5 Bold Predictions:

  1. Von Miller will sack Cam Newton multiple times
  2. Peyton Manning will get 2 completions out of every 3 passes after a rough start
  3. Jonathan Stewart will rush for 75+ yards, while Cam Newton only rushes for 20.
  4. DeMaryius Thomas will have a solid 100 yard game.
  5. The Panthers will win a close one and Newton will throw to 8 different receivers

That’s all for my super bowl preview.  Enjoy the big game!!


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