The Main Reason Why I Haven’t Posted In A While

You may have noticed that over the past couple weeks, I haven’t been posting.  Well you can say welcome back, because February is my busiest month on my blog, although it has been busy for other things too.  I have the super bowl on Sunday, the NBA All Star Game next week, and spring training starts in two weeks.  This is a busy time for all Big 4 sports, which means its also busy on my site.

Sorry, I have been upset about that terrible Pats-Broncos game.  As you all know, the Pats lost terribly in Denver last Sunday.  There was a reason I never did a recap.  I’ll give you a hint, I came in to school the next day wearing a Dustin Pedroia jersey.  That’s right, I wanted to keep my mind on other sports until I had overcome the loss of the Pats.  I had gotten over it last weekend, but I didn’t see any point in writing a Pro Bowl article, and I also got busy that weekend, but I will cover the super bowl on Sunday.  At this point I am saying, great season Pats, great season.




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