NFL Week 16 Picks

Last week was yet another 6+ loss week for me.  I’m already 1-1 again.  This week, my goal is to be between 15-1 and 12-4.  Do you think that’s possible?  Let’s see.

Lock Of The Week

Chiefs, 30, Browns, 16

The Chiefs take on the Browns as they go for 9 in a row.  The Browns have no quarterback and a struggling receiving core.  Plus, they’re playing for nothing but a #1 overall pick.  They were the first team out of the playoff hunt mathematically, in both conferences.

The Chiefs meanwhile have won 8 straight since a 1-5 start with a Jamaal Charles injury.  Young good running backs have filled in for him, Jeremy Maclin and Travis Kelce plus Albert Wilson are making up for the lack in receiving depth, and the defense is as good as ever.  I just don’t see the Chiefs losing.

For the Browns, Johnny Football’s the quarterback, Dwayne Bowe was supposed to be the main receiver, but the former Chief doesn’t even have a TD I’m aware of.  Gary Barnidge has come out of no where, but is better on paper than in real life, and Isaiah Crowell is left the only legit offenisve weapon besides developing Gary Barnidge, Brian Hartline and Travis Benjamin.  Chiefs win a blowout.

Notable Locks: Texans over Titans


Upset of The Week

Ravens, 27, Steelers, 17

Some of you guys are probably like, “Come on, the Ravens are done, three weeks straight of upset picks wrong?” “Don’t want to let that happen”.  I’m not listening.  Ravens overcome an 11 point spread, despite my home team picking woes.

Big Ben’s offense is just too overrated to beat them, despite the best threesome of receivers in maybe the entire league.  They lost Le’ Veon Bell, get over it, the Steelers could’ve been better at full health.  They could’ve won the AFC North.  As long as they swept the surprise Bengals.

The one they lost to Cincy was when Bell went down and Roethlisberger just came back.  Of course they lost.  The Ravens were already not the best, then bad injury luck and health hits, and the Ravens now suck.  Well, his young bunch has potential.  What stops them from upsetting teams?

Notable Upsets: Jets over Patriots, Colts over Dolphins


Raiders, 20, Chargers, 14
Eagles, 24, Redskins, 7
Colts, 27, Dolphins, 17
Jets, 37, Patriots, 36.  OT
Texans, 31, Titans, 30
Lions, 21, 49ers, 17
Panthers, 35, Falcons, 27
Buccaneers, 27, Bears, 17
Bills, 23, Cowboys, 21
Saints, 48, Jaguars, 41 OT
Cardinals, 34, Packers, 23
Seahawks, 34, Rams, 31 OT
Vikings, 31, Giants, 30
Broncos, 38, Bengals, 18

Team Of The Week

  1. This team has had 4 starting quarterbacks in 3 years.
  2. This team has a combined 15 wins in the last 3 years.
  3. This team is in a division with an overall record below .500.
  4. This team was no shot at the playoffs.
  5. This team is located southeast of St. Louis.

What team is this?  Guess in comments.

Last Week: Bengals

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