NFL Week 13 Picks

The season is progressing, and even at 106-71, I am still matching the best.  I’m beginning to pick even more of those types of games I talked about after my disaster of a Week 10.  Let’s get started.

Lock Of The Week

Broncos, 31, Chargers, 18

Running backs C.J. Anderson and Ronnie Hillman will run past the Chargers.

The Broncos have it easy.  With an almost empty Chargers rush defense, the Broncos have many opportunities to score.  First, they need to run the ball a lot.  One reason is because again, the Chargers rush D sucks.  But secondly, this is the time of year when C.J. Anderson really typically picks up the pace.  He starts having dominant games here.  He did in 2014, at least.  He had one against the Pats (why does he let it out on us???).

The Chargers don’t even have a great overall defense.  the Chargers have enough to keep DeMaryius Thomas and possibly Emmanuel Sanders taken care of, but they still have tight ends Vernon Davis and Owen Daniels to throw to.

On their side of the ball, they have a very tough defense to face.  Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead will surely fall to a great set of linebackers Denver possesses.  The secondary is a perfect fit for San Diego.  The Chargers have four main receivers right now, Malcom Floyd, Stevie Johnson, Antonio Gates and Ladarius Green.  The Broncos have Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr., Bradley Roby and T.J. Ward in their dominant secondary and they’ll be enough to keep the Chargers from throwing a single TD.  If Denver gets harsh enough, this could easily be a shutout, but Josh Lambo’s a good kicker, so watch out if he puts up a stampede of field goals.  I predicted 31-18 Denver for a reason.  San Diego won’t score a single TD.

Notable Locks: Bengals over Browns


Upset Of The Week

Rams, 27, Cardinals, 20 OT


Nick Foles and the Rams will stun Arizona in their playoff clinching campaign

The Cardinals have been depending on guys like Larry Fitzgerald and Chris Johnson to help Carson Palmer and the offense to victories.  Well, Fitzy’s probable and Chris Johnson is out with a broken tibia.  That leaves this lineup for the offense, if Fitzgerald also sits.  Michael Floyd’s even hurt, and he’s questionable

RB Andre Ellington

RB David Johnson

WR John Brown

TE Jermaine Gresham

TE Troy Niklas

However, it won’t be that tragic if Fitzy, Floyd or both play.   I think Fitzy will, but not Floyd.  That eliminates Niklas and gets replaced by Fitzgerald.  But still, they need to work as a team and do their job if they want to get past a tough Rams rush defense.  Rushing is Arizona’s way of winning if Floyd and Fitzgerald sit out.  They have to try harder.

Meanwhile, the Rams have it easy.  Injuries is not a problem for them.  Despite an awesome, all around Cardinals defense, the Rams have now star running back Todd Gurley and growing receivers Tavon Austin, Wes Welker, Kenny Britt, Jared Cook, Lance Kendricks and Brian Quick.  Plenty of guys to get past a secondary held together by just Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu.  Two really good defenders, vs six Rams receivers.  Rams win by a nose.

Notable Upsets: Vikings over Seahawks, Falcons over Buccaneers, Texans over Bills, Raiders over Chiefs

Other Games

Lions, 38, Packers, 24
Giants, 30, Jets, 20
Dolphins, 31, Ravens, 23

Bengals, 31, Browns, 28

Texans, 41, Bills, 31
Titans, 38, Jaguars, 37
Bears, 38, 49ers, 21
Vikings, 31, Seahawks, 27
Falcons, 45, Buccaneers, 35
Raiders, 24, Chiefs, 14
Panthers, 17, Saints, 14
Patriots, 38, Eagles, 20
Steelers, 34, Colts, 31
Redskins, 33, Cowboys, 27 OT

Team Of The Week

  1. This team is one of the younger ones in the NFL.
  2. This team has at least decent playoff odds.
  3. This team’s QB has suffered a concussion
  4. This team was underrated at the start of the season.
  5. This team is located in a cold weather city.

What team is this?   Guess in comments.

Last Week: Cowboys

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