NFL In Detail 2.0: Washington Redskins

The Redskins are not a horrible team, but don’t have many greats on the team to help them improve much.


Robert Griffin III has the starting spot, but he is likely to either struggle or get hurt.  That’s why the Skins have Kirk Cousins backing up, and Colt McCoy behind him.  However, I don’t have agreat feeling about McCoy in ’15, but I do about Griffin and Cousins.


Alfred Morris will star after last year’s late season dominance, but the search for a backup is off.  Kyshoen Jarrett, Matt Jones Silas Redd and more are in the race.  Meanwhile, Alfred Morris will just have to run the ball himself.


DeSean Jackson should be back to his Philly dominance and be very good, like, top 20 or even top 15, but Pierre Garcon will also have a breakout year as well.  And Andre Roberts is a third option that can be considered behind.  But nobody else who’s even decent awaits.


Jordan reed can be great if he stays healthy, which he didn’t last year, so his hopes are down.  Backup Niles Paul is good, but he only got playing time when Reed was injured.  Paul will not get receptions when Reed is healthy.  So really, Niles Paul is not for real.


The defense will not be at the bottom again, and they never should have been.  Guys like Terrance Knighton, Ryan Kerrigan and DeAngelo Hall will continue to boost the defense, even with the loss of defensive back Brian Orakpo.  It will upgrade form last year, probably ranking somewhere 20-25 in fantasy football.

The Redskins aren’t great, but they have a couple good guys that will impact their performance slightly.

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