NFL In Detail 2.0: Tennessee Titans

The Titans are the third of these three teams I talked about in my Raiders post.  Marcus Mariota should lead the offense to victories.  They made a couple off season signings to spark the offense, but don’t even think about the defense.


Marcus Mariota should be the starter, but does he match up to Zach Mettenberger, or Charlie Whitehurst?  My say is to start Mariota, and have Mettenberger be the backup again, followed by Whitehurst third, or was it the other way around before?   Whatever.  Either way, Mettenberger tops Whitehurst now.  Mettenberger led the Titans in passing yards last year.


Bishop Sankey led the running backs last year, but this year, I have a feeling Dexter McCluster will breakout.  He has the space, with Greene frequently inactive, and Sankey still developing.  But David Cobb could get in his way.  Cobb is another option at running back.  So I say start McCluster, have Sankey backup, Cobb stuck in the third string, and Shonn Greene tagging along if they need.


Look, you have two veterans placed in the shadow of Reggie Wayne, T. Y. Hilton, Roddy White, Julio Jones, Devin Hester, etc. Hakeem Nicks and Harry Douglas.  And two young guys in Justin Hunter, and Kendall Wright.  You need to give Nicks and Douglas more playing time, and they could finally take the spotlight and show up.  There’s no other vets to get in their way, except maybe each other.


Three strong tight ends are options.  One is Delanie Walker, the clear starter.  For backups, you have Anthony Fasano, former Chief, and Chase Coffman.  Fasano should be taken as the second guy, while Coffman is left for the third slot.


This is probably the worst defensive team in the NFL.  The Titans will be a high scoring team, but also not a team to pull off a shutout.  A game in Tennessee this season is sure to be high scoring.  Only Patriot Devin McCourty’s brother Jason McCourty and rookie Cody Prewitt lead the defense.

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