NFL 2015 Preview & Draft Recap by Division: NFC East

This year, I am doing a 2015 preview along with draft analysis, doing one post per division and one playoff preview post.  I have started with the NFC East.  Do you have NFC East predictions?  Comment on it at the bottom of the post.

Overview of Records Projected


NFC East

Philadelphia 11-5

Dallas 10-6

NY Giants 8-8

Washington 5-11

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)


Round   Pick   Player                       College   Pos.  Grade

1           20       Nelson Agholor         USC       WR      B

2           15       Eric Rowe                 Utah        CB      B

3           20       Jordan Hicks            Texas     ILB       B

6           15       JaCorey Sheperd     Kansas    CB      B

6           20       Randall Evans          Kansas State   CB  B

7           20      Brian Mihalik            Boston College  DE   C

Overall: B

This new squad traded quarterbacks with the Rams, which means they have injury prone Sam Bradford as a starting QB.  They dropped star running back LeSean McCoy, but brought in former Cowboys even bigger star, DeMarco Murray at running back.  The defense could still use some improvement, but the offense is a complete powerhouse that can boost them a couple of games beyond the past two years’ 10-6 record.

My Pick: 11-5

Dallas Cowboys

Draft Results & My Grades

Round   Pick    Player                 Pos.   College     Grade

1            27       Byron Jones      CB      UConn        C

2           28        Randy Gregory   OLB   Nebraska    A

3          27           Chaz Green       OT     Florida        C

4         28            Damien Wilson   ILB    Minnesota   C

5        27             Ryan Russell      DE     Purdue       C

7       19             Mark Nzeocha    OLB   Wyoming   C

7       26             Laurence Gibson   OT  Virginia Tech  B

7     29                Geoff Swain         TE      Texas         C

Overall: C

Acquiring Darren McFadden as No. 1 running back will never make up for the loss of DeMarco Murray.  However, the receivers and tight ends Tony Romo has access to makes up for it.  The defense also has increased its power since the start of the 2014 season.  So really, their only holes are some defensive positions not currently filled, and running back, so feel okay about your team Cowboys fans, the rest of the Cowboys’ depth will make up for losing Murray without getting an all star running back in return.

My Pick: 10-6

New York Giants


Round   Pick    Player                     Pos.    College    Grade

1           9       Ereck Flowers        OT       Miami (FL)    A

2           1        Landon Collins       S        Alabama       A

3           10     Owa Odighiwuza   DE           UCLA       D

5            8      Mykkele Thompson  S         Texas        C

6           10     Geremy Davis         WR      UConn       C

7            9        Bobby Hart           OT      Florida St.   C

Overall: B

The team is very similar to last year, but there are a few aspects that will make them better.  First, Shane Vereen will take the role as passing back.  Also, Odell Beckham Jr. has improved greatly from last year to this year.  Also, the new defensive picks will definitely improve the defense.  The defense will be a lot better this year.

My Pick: 8-8

Washington Redskins

Draft Picks

Round       Pick     Player                          Pos.   College               Grade

1                  5        Brandon Scherff          OT       Iowa                      A

2                  6        Preston Smith              DE       Mississippi St.      C

3                31        Matt Jones                   RB       Florida                  C

4                 6         Jamison Crowder         WR      Duke                    B

4               13         Arie Kouandjio              OG      Alabama              D

5                 5         Martrell Spaight          OLB      Arkansas             B

6                 5         Kyshoen Jarrett               S      Virginia Tech       C

6                 6         Tevin Mitchel               OLB     Arkansas            B

6               11          Evan Spencer                WR    Ohio State         B

7                 5          Austin Reiter                     C    South Florida     B

Overall: B

They are very similar to last year, but have the added pressure of the carefully chosen rookies.  They lucked out in the draft, making up for trading their No. 2 2014 pick after going 3-13, and being the worst team in the NFC in 2013.   Only the dreaded 2013 2-14 Texans of the AFC were worse then the Skins in the entire 2013 NFL.  I expect a similar record to 2014, maybe raised by a game or two, even without Roy Helu as backup for Alfred Morris.

My Pick: 5-11

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