3 in 1 Mini Posts: Igoudala Leads Warriors to First Title in 40 Years, Cardinals Investigated by FBI, Blackhawks Win Championship

Three big sports events occurred over the past couple days.  First, Patrick Kane led his Blackhawks to an NBA Championship Monday night. Second, Andre Igousala led the Warriors to their first title in 40 years, keeping up the streak of California and Texas teams winning championships.  The Cavaliers were leading 2-1, James the most aggresive, but in their last 3, Igouala has started for Golden State and they’ve won three straight, Igousala being  factor just as much as Steph Curry.  Finally, the Cardinals are being investigated by the FBI. They were suspected hacking into the Houston Astros ground control, attracting the Federal Government to St. Louis.  Definitely a busy week as the NHL and NBA wrap things up and the MLB continues its season.

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